Generation Zero - Contact


Something strange has been going on with our radios recently…


I am so excited about this…


That sound in the background… It doesn’t sound like any Machine I’ve ever seen.


Any FRA/FRO, signalist or UND that can trascribe that morse code?


The message is “Ni som överlevt leta efter björnen” or in rough english “survivors find the bear.”

Is what I got using


Naughty Devs teasing us like that, do it some more! :joy:


Does anyone can identify the location ? Because for i feel a new wind blowing towards our way .


I think your radios broken there @Avalanche_Graham :joy:kidding this is really exciting i wonder who’s on the other end!


They have found me Cookies aha :+1::fortune_cookie: the bear has them


Very cool Devs, very cool indeed. :slight_smile:


Wait, didn’t @Xezr do a concept of a machine called björn? It was a pretty cool idea, it’s either that or something to do with the airfield on the unfinished part of the map. Or the Russians potentially.


I do agree that’s a bit of a weird coincidence :thinking:


That’s what I’d call a HEAVY stomp there in the background… :scream::scream::scream:


There’s blueprints on the wall as well. New machine?


looks like a tank and something else



A Tankster ? Or a Hank ? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


If anyone wants to check out my theories on this new machine watch this video here;

This is gunna be the most hype thing to come to gz so far my dudes, i hope you’re all ready!


Hopefully it isn’t an aquatic tank, because that would be one very unfortunate name for a machine.


So anyways I brightened the image that @Mewster1 took and it looks like one of them is tank-like, and the other is some sort of quad-pedal turret machine. Looks neat. I’ll try to get better quality though.


Anyone else noticed the LMG mag on the right? :thinking: