Generation Zero - Contact


Good eye, i noticed it but wasn’t sure what it was! Could maybe be for a Ksp of some sort :wink:


Looks like a tank and a harvester to me. Do not get too hyped up here people. Just a cautious warning… Hype does rarely deliever.

Im guessing more story



Looks somewhat similar to the SAW 200rd mags from ArmA 2… :thinking:

5.56 mm… :thinking: Maybe some sort of LMG…


Anbody notice the Rivals segment on Gzero game Main window is gone aswell ,Hmmm aye cookie time :+1:


Good eye for that i was so hyped for this i just jumped into the game and mashed x past the title screen @TherotcoD :joy:


I did Same here but then 10 mins in searching every hut i could find, the game took a turn for the worst and i reloaded and noticed the screen menu looked neat again :rofl: , now dev’s could have posted that New teaser link into the rivals box but decided to give us clean menu and removed it , oh go on then dev’s i give in plaster me menu with new content links :+1::joy::rofl:


ready to team up when this drops…


Acording to wikipedia there was/is a bunker nicknamed the bear.

Unless the bear simply refers to Russia.


Yaaay because why fix bugs and make the game playable when you can just add more stuff!!


What makes you think they’re not fixing bugs as well as making new content for us to enjoy?


Back to the topic… North east part of that unfinished island is shaped like an old (18th century) fort.


At this point im just not getting my hopes up. There are some pretty unavoidable bugs that have gone completely ignored for several updates (actually since launch atleast) with absolutely no mention of even looking into them. And when they do say they’ve patched bugs with an update, it’s something that doesn’t actually impact the gameplay anyway. Take the last patch notes for example. Its a shame because I love the idea of this game, It just doesnt feel ready yet.


Hello All,
Well the video had me excited enough then the talk from players on Twitter & in my Mixer stream chat today got me fired-up about this…But the feel of the conversation here just has me on the edge…The last few updates, all the continued bug/glitch fixes & now this…Al I can say is this development team has me hooked!!!


I’ll try and get over there. I know how to. :slight_smile:

And just curious, at what coordinates is this supposed Fort? Just so I know where to look. :slight_smile:

#35 A little tip =)


Just so you know we are talking about one of the out-of-bounds locations, and not the artillery base. :slight_smile:



Well you asked about the fort didn’t you ?, that’s the ruins etc i sent so you got what you wanted,


(Potential spoilers – doesn’t this board have spoiler tags?)

If you mean what I think you mean, then once you are on the island with the two safe houses, there’s a smaller island east by northeast, connected to the safe house island via a landbridge, that has “walls go here” written all over it, in a manner of speaking.

On a completely different note, don’t bears also often hibernate in … caves?
(3440, -78)

ETA zomg the landbridge is gone!
I never noticed that because I hadn’t been back in a while, and because it’s still shown on the map. :smile:
You can probably still splode your way over to the smaller island, but I haven’t tried.
Seems to have more trees now too, and a more natural, less man-made shape, so I guess everything’s up in the air again with that, work in progress. :smile:


Looks like lisa simpson’s hair do the map of said fort on island


Is the radio in game , i have searched every hut with snow around a brown fence haha hours later nothing just a few blue screens , but still not stopping . the search continues until i find it . :+1: