Generation Zero Music Album

Let’s get it done.

Ideas and links to a Generation Zero soundtrack, and why…

We will get into Album cover into another thread down the line.

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  1. Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf
    Why: Great song. Young and wild, looking for adventure.
  1. Ramble on - Led Zeppelin Ramble on

Why: Because we are ramble around.

  1. Iron Man - Black Sabbath Iron Man
    Why: Because a Hunter is an Iron man
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  1. Another one bites the dust - Queen
    Why- Cuz those machines always eat dust and Queen are an 80’s band
    Also another one by queen
  2. Bicycle race
    Why- for when your on your bike
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  1. Princess of the Universe - Queen Princess of the Universe
    Because we are fighting for survive

We got an 80’s theme going here
7. Under Pressure- queen
why- we are under pressure
(pls can we make next one not queen?)

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  1. Paint it black - Rolling Stones
    Why: Red doors everywhere, I like them black

:rofl::rofl::rofl: lol thats great
9. I guess that’s why thy call it the blues - Elton john
Why- for when you die

  1. RATM - Killing in the name…

I mean…obviously :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find all originals but here you go… what I could find that is free to listen to.


Nice job @Gysbert I hope we can add to this list

Klick on the Hyperlinks in my post (the blue letters) then you can hear the songs.:grinning::metal:

  1. Stormbringer Whitesnake Stormbringer
    Why: We come over them like a storm.

Ram Jam - Black Betty
Why: Bam ba lam!

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13.Duel of the fates
Why- because it would make a rival fight epic

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  1. Hells Bells AC/DC Hells Bells
    Why: Because they were allways ringing when i get in combat.

Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
Why: I am killed and have no Adrenaline shot

  1. Walk all over you AC/DC Walk all over you
    Why: Because we walk over their debris when whe are ready with them.
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If I had a rocket launcher - Bruce Cockburn
Why, I’d make them pay


Phil Collins - Against All Odds
Why: The machines are really tough

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