Generation zero ps4


can not throw the smoke tube. Other players seem to be able to throw but I can not. The result was the same even with the reinstallation of the app. What should I do? . Please refund if you do not get it. I can not proceed.

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What are u playing on ? Ps4 launch tuesday 10am

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue. To ensure that it can be fixed we need you to follow a specific format.
Please read this thread before posting a bug report.

How can you break a game that is not out till 10cet as we were told

PS4-last night took down a Reaper and when I attempted to get the loot from it it gave me nothing. Not even the screen that shows you what loot you can get. This happens to me every time I play. The smaller enemies always give me stuff, but when it comes to big enemies I usually get robbed of getting anything, including the screen that comes up after you hold down the button.

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