German Weapons Pack

Well, well, well.
Since I have nothing better to do than write feature requests all day, I present to you another idea: the german weapons pack.

We already have swedish, soviet and american weapons. So how about german weopons, for example:

-Luger p08
-MG 34/ Mg42
-Luftwaffendrilling M30

I’m especially looking forward to the Luftwaffendrilling M30 since it is a shotgun. In my opinion we could use another shotgun, especially a breach loader. Also I’m also happy about new sidearms since they are always fun to play around with. I think we don’t need to talk about the Mg34 /Mg 42. It’s an absolut must if we get a german weapons pack. Just imagine how fun it is to mow down a pack of runners with this beast.

As always, thank you for reading. Give me your feedback about a new weapons pack.
And again, please excuse my bad english (I’m from germany)

Have an awesome day!

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You said MG34/Mg42 and put a mighty grin on my face. I’d rock either of those!

Hp5 and AG 4 are German weapons so in a way we already have German weapons in the game

Not lore friendly and we dont need more weapons


That is blasphemy, sir, BLASPHEMY I SAY!

Very good point, the G3 aka the AG4 has a really cool history, too!

And a Stickgrenade, Fliegerfaust or MP 35?

I like your idea, although I’d rather go with the FG42, StG 44, Gewehr 43, and P08. But that’s just me

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But how whould german ww2 weapons get to 1980s Sweden?

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That’s one thing that disturbs me, too.
I don’t want to make a (post) WW2 - shooter out of it.
And we don’t need every kind of real existing weapon of that time. Generation Zero is special in its setting (time and place), so let’s keep at least this.

I’m not completly against some nice additions, but they shouldn’t guide the game in another direction. Maybe the wrong words…

We have an eastern european weapons pack, so what about a western european weapons pack? There could be a german, a british, a french and a spanish one inside it, for example.


But the thing is that we dont really need more weapons. I whould suggest maybe one or two more Swedish weapons. Like a variant of the Ak5 and the mauser.


Well there is actually a good answer here. Could be a sub story where someone volunteered to fight with the Allies and acquired the weapon while fighting, there could also be some story about some super secret mission that German forces were conducting inside Swedish borders. Personally I’d go with the first option as, while it might be frowned upon, it would be acceptable for story telling purposes, while the second option would be more than controversial and probably highly offensive to how awesome the Swedish forces kept foreign fighters out. Pretty sure it was the Swedes who flat out messed up anyone who came into their country during WWII.

No, please no Wolfenstein Östertörn…


Sorry but no. If there were such weapons on the island then there whould maybe one or two. And they whould probably not work since you cant own a machinegun as a civilian.

Wait, are you trying to tell me that Sweden is the only country in the world that doesn’t have a crazy redneck type of person who lives out in the middle of nowhere, is the type of person to say something like “Lämna min gräsmatta” (Used google translate to get the Swedish version of “Get of my lawn!”), and has a chance to have some secret gun stash in some home made bunker built into a cave somewhere?

Also, it should be said that I fully understand that there’s no way you’re smuggling a light machine gun, without someone looking WAAAAAY off in the other direction.

But there whoulnt be many, if we had a german pack then we could find hundred of Mp40s and Mg34:s and that is not lore friendly. And if a redneck type of person whould own a machinegun i doubt that it whould be as effective as modern firearms.

And if a redneck type of person whould own a machinegun i doubt that it whould be as effective as modern firearms.

Well say it to MG34 or MG42 :smiley:

But who whould choose an old machinegun with no spare parts when there are reliable modern weapons that some in the resistance probably are trained to use. And that have spare parts and are not old and have been in someones garage for years


You never know :slight_smile:

I remember one of the latest “weapon amnesties” in Sweden, there were some interesting models from WW2 incl. ammo and extra magz…

Also, don’t overestimate a need for spare parts - war weapons are often made as simple as possible to be able to fix them with almost “anything”…