Get the ammo i want?

Hi, i think it´s not fair that if i´m killing a big dud i´m not getting the ammo i need. I killed some of the big with my last shot. But i dont have ammo because of it. HOW DO I GET THE AMMO I NEED?

(sorry for my bad english. i´m german)

Technically the weapons you carry will dictate the ammo you find. Big guys like Harvesters it can be random. A lot of times I don’t even get much of anything good even if it’s an FNIX.

There are tips to get ammo. Tell us your ammo needs and we can help you direct you in region and robot type.

Avoid combat. Explore. Sneak about. Loot ammo. That is my advice.

My beef is with rockets. I get rockets fired at me by things I then kill, to find no rockets. What? What were they firing then? Most of the rocket dogs have nothing under search - empty. All Harvesters have rockets - I know this because they fire them at me. Do they give me rockets? They do not.

Since the update I now get enough 7.62, but no .50 cal. Desperate - you’d think there was a war on…

Their ammo was destroyed when you killed them. If you think logically there is reason in the madness.

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Well, that’s an easy answer. They shoot rockets. You don’t have a rocket launcher. You have a Grenade Launcher. The Tank has a .50 machinegun, but it doesn’t fire sniper rifle rounds. Etc.

The more complex answer; it’s gameplay balance. It’s the same reason why you don’t find stockpiles of ammo and supplies inside military bunkers. And it’s also probably the same reason why you won’t instantly die when you get shot once with a .50 BMG. Gotta draw the line somewhere.


Sorry, that doesn’t wash! About one in three rocket-firing dogs gives me two rounds. Now, I don’t have a rocket launcher, I accept that - I have an 84mm ballistic anti-tank weapon, but the funny thing is that it leaves a rocket trail behind it when I fire it! So, I think we’re firing the same thing. If it fires one at me, I think it should give me more (unfired this time) when I kill it!

I know where to get mines and grenades, but where people find enough rockets (okay, at rounds) is a mystery.

The answer is still game balance. The HE ammo has to be kept rare. I had a tank drop a load of it, but that is the only supply I found other than with the launcher itself and once a dead soldier had 2 rounds on him which was a surprise.

And you can have the ammo skill and get more ammunition. It’s a game balance thing. To much ammo and much of the challenge will disappear.

I’m not really sure I even like the ‘Plundra’ due to the large change of game mechanics. Now you can stockpile everything and don’t really have any practical storage issues. You can basically have every weapon and enough ammo to it at all times. Being selective and choose play style is basically gone by now.

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I’ve got both ammo skills bought and paid for - whenever you find a dog with nothing to loot, it’s always a rocket firer. 100% more of nothing is still nothing.

@VoelligBanane if you’ve collected the schematics on the robots. They’re blueprints scattered around the world. They tell you about the bots. Certain bots and model types tend to have specified ammo. Playing enough time you’ll start recognizing where these bots are hanging out in specific regions. On top of that only hold the weapons you plan to use. Holding multiple weapons beside your 3 main will cause you to get more random ammo from green ammo cache cans.

I use 7.62x39. I swap off an on m49 and the semi auto sniper as my second. And kloche 9mm. So I tend to stay in the middle of the big island and attack military bots and military bases for my ammo

Buggered if I know where you get .50 cal ammo from! I have searched all the bases I know in midlands and north from top to bottom and have found precisely 4 rounds since the August update. Whole world - four rounds…

@Bootie I’ve noticed if I hold as my secondary a m49 and take down tanks fnix they give me tons of .50 and visa versa if I carry the .50 sniper as my secondary instead I get a ton of dual purpose rounds for the m49. How ever I am on the PS4 pro. But I like the snow regions so i got left to right and back again in different paths. But usually end or leave from the Artillery base if that gives you a good idea

Don’t understand. What’s in your #1 slot? I carry the m49 in Inventory, with the .50 in #2, and AG4 in #1. Don’t get dual purpose even off rocket firing dogs! Humm. So you’ve got the .50 in Inventory and the m49 in #2, is that right? I’ll try anything, I’m down to my last 20 rounds…

They have no ammo because they used it at you.

And others before you.


They’re NOT walking stockpiles of ammo, you know…

I find that keeping a PVG90 in my inventory as a backup weapon gives me plenty of .50 ammo from the Tanks I kill. Even Prototype ones. I have the Salvage perks too, that usually nets me a good 20-40 mixed AP and FMJ everytime.

All weapons are 5 crown
#1 is my AG4
#2 I’ll use either m49 or pvg 90. Which ever ammo I have most. The one I don’t use I put in storage.

#3 Pistol is the Glock.

But it’s weird, odd if I use my m49, oddly I get lots of .50 ammo but almost no dual explosive rounds. Than If I use the Pvg90 I don’t get much .50 but I’ll get a ton of dual explosives from rocket runners and fnix tanks and ammo crates

I’m not sure if my gear I’m running is doing it but I’m super happy. See I’m using my pvg90 and using up my .50 but I’ve been stacking a lot of dual purpose. As soon as I’m done on .50 I’m swapping to my m49 and using all my duals

I’ll try to find a tank to kill but I’m not fully geared with emps and land mines

Edit. Found a tank 2 minutes after this post. He gave me my 7.62. Was hoping to show you secondary ammo but I only put a few .50 in him and 90% dmg was from my Ag4

Well, I suppose you could be right, but in all military bases there are literal stockpiles of ammo, which in this GZ world, there aren’t. Ammo certainly would not be left lying around in the accommodation!

So we have to get it from somewhere, and it’s machines. Unless it’s not, which is what gets my goat. Do other people get the thing where rocket firing runners have nothing to loot, or is it my bug?

Because the soldiers all used those stockpiles in the previous battles. :stuck_out_tongue:

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