Getting stuck in doors of Tents

Hey guys, encountered a new issue last night strolling around some camps. I noticed when you go inside of a tent to get loot, on your way back out most of the time I will get stuck in the tent door frame and then I cannot move. I can crouch, jump, all that good stuff but my character will not walk in any direction. I’ve been able to get out of it by fast traveling to a nearby location but still frustrating if you’ve just started to loot an area and you get stuck in a tent door ya know? Lol playing on Xbox One, don’t remember the name of the camp but it was southwest of the Uttern Bunker along the shoreline. There were 2 runner crates by the water side if that helps. Thanks fellas, Cheers!

This can happen if the ground is uneven, I guess. There are a lot of situations in the game where you can get stuck. Often you can wiggle yourself free, as with these small basically empty cabinets opposite the front door of some houses where you get stuck between the opened door and back wall, sometimes not. Usually you get stuck under things though, such as car trunk doors.

There is a church with a safe house on the second floor where you can get stuck between some luggage (at your feet) and the ledge of the organ (roughly at the height of your head), if you walk around the organ too closely.

If you encountered them already, it is good practice to carry a field radio unit for situations where you don’t want to fast travel (or can’t because you are in combat).

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Im glad you mentioned that because I was gonna say field radios are extremely abundant in this game, that being said I got in the habit of carrying 1 or 2 at all times. Thanks for the advice!

Most of them got sorted out, but there’s one that sticks every time - the tent at the safe house on the little island, on the west coast - and if you cross the wooden causeway, then there is an army camp with three tents in front of you. The safe house tent sticks every single time and always has. You can’t even get in, but the army tents you can get in and out okay, generally. That’s the one you’re talking about, isn’t it?

You have to be careful in containers too, if you have to crouch and jump to get at an ammo baox, you often can’t get back out.


Yeah the containers I learned my lesson on, I’ve learned to maneuver in a way where I can loot the boxes most of the time without actually going inside. The container one is bad. Yeah I believe that was the camp I was talking about, it’s definitely to the west on the shoreline, don’t remember if it was actually an island or it was the coast line but I think we’re talking about the same camp. Stay away from that tent lol

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If you move your cursor real slow in a circular motion towards the item you’re trying to loot and you walk very slowly towards it, alot of the time it will give you the prompt and let you raid the item without actually being inside of the container. The items in the middle of the container are a different story but the outside ones can be hit using this method