A few glitches that need to be fixed

This is on Xbox. The first glitch I have is the game randomly gitching out then it closes its self. Also, I keep getting randomly stuck on things and I have to kill myself to get out. Lastly, sometimes I open up my inventory and I cannot exit it unless I restart the game.

When reporting bugs, there are certain to-do things:

  1. Search the forums since chances are good that someone else has reported the bug before.
    For example:
    Crashes on Xbox: [Xbox] Game crashing reports post hotfix
    Getting stuck in terrain,
    tents: Getting stuck in doors of Tents
    containers: Getting stuck in containers!
    in trucks: Stuck in Truck Crate
  2. If forum search didn’t produce any same/similar results, make a bug report topic where you report one bug per topic and by following this guide: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report
  3. Make sure that you make your bur report in the correct subforum, which is #bug-reports, rather than in #feedback-feature-requests or any other subforum.

These kind of mash-up topics that include several bugs all together, without proper bug reporting template, are hard to monitor and are frowned upon.

That being said, topic closed.