Getting to the unavailable islands


Yes heres the proof you can get to other Island , this was ps4 no mods , :sunglasses:

I made it to island here is proof
New player wondering if GZ is worth it
I made it to island here is proof
Just talk about anything

Digital trespassing. I like it.


wild man :smiley: great find @TherotcoD!


I did it for science , 45 degree angle ’ 4 reds ’ 2 whites ’ 4 small bombs ’ and a jump and shoot , = KAboom – 1 revive and put a radio down , , erm oops sorry the DEVS ’ good job on a solid island though , to be fair i went and did many things for science while i wait on story bugs to be sorted out just for something todo , anyhow the MOON is next devs :rofl: if you fix me ‘Uttern’ bug , i will postpone mission launch :shushing_face:


:rofl: you literally just blasted yourself there that’s hilarious!! Someone had to be crazy enough to try it haha did you find anything at the air base there?


I found birds silence more birds a huge mountain , roads tire tracks , and a few holes tears in floor , and thats it pal , im gonna do island below the one i did earlier will video start to finish and post in early hours , the moon launch has been put back more testing needed :sunglasses:

Bugs - 2019-04-17

Theres only one cure for you the old invisible wall with no respawn to the other side lol


You are correct @Flybydai i was thinking same untill i landed :sweat_smile:


…and fix uttern bunker :joy:.


Haha ah man that’s to be expected lol! and i expect the moon will take a few more white gas tanks than the game can render… but hey one small step for generation zero amirite :joy: hopefully the island beneath it can have a little something more there :slight_smile:


Yes the plan for moon hmmm 2 friends full of gas canister’s , moon alignment , location , and caffeine yes i will take it from there ,:thinking:, :exploding_head:


There is a building or 2 on small island will check it out mr :sunglasses: il be back


Im Back :exploding_head: before i head to the moon , here is a demonstration on blowing one self UP with science < ( gas canister’s) :grin: = Fun , Roll the clip > >

2x Arkelstorp Lighthouses?

Gone for a coffee , a lot of coffee ermm thinking lots of canister’rs needed for next departure , i can’t be blamed for this ( Devs i am still searching for them Cookies i was told was in first update on game launch ) Yep them Cookies are up in moon , 1 day away from launch , only an Update may persuade me from current exploration plans, :sunglasses:


this made my day , still laughing , thanks man.


Devs me and @tene are currently on 8hr countdown for mission to the moon , you can intervene at any time with a Fat Console Update , which in turn would halt all plans to the moon ._ :sweat_smile: 10 , 9 , 8 , 7 etc aye on me way laddy i am wheres coffee


I feel the celebratory fireworks display was the most necessary part of this entire video.


Aye it had to be fireworks at the end , the plan worked , aswell as moon landing later on i was thinking of blowing me mate up to see if i can get him and church bell to be one object :thinking:, if all goes well will post a picture of his leggs dangling :rofl: then more fireworks


Make it more appealing by tossing a sticky flare onto his back and take a couple dozen runners with him.


@unrightentity now that’s genius idea , will do this ’ will let u know wen deed is done . :sweat_smile:

What about the blank islands and the mainland?