I made it to island here is proof



Second video , blowing one self UP to get Over There > > roll the clip > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpYuUhkmUn0


Some guy tried this trick on my server today, with ONE medium fuel-cell. It didn’t work. :joy:


White canister and large red bombs most effective propellent , these are the two best in my opinion , just do a pick a mix , TIP place on 45`Degree angle for forwards momentum :sunglasses::+1:


Try a Barn entrance slope and don’t forget to jump and shoot , PS a rocket is a good Fuse :rofl::fire:


We should probably not encourage people to do this as it falls into exploit territory which the devs may not approve of.


It’s a bit late for none encourage people the forum’s buzzing here :point_right: Unavailable Island's LOL come and take a look at fun stupidity science 101 . Aye pal i get you , but maybe the Dev’s are happy that we are finding fun thing’s to do with the in game item’s at hand , taking one’s mind of the bug’s currently present in game was my sole intention of that thread so we didn’t talk just bug’s ’ , instead we talked risky Fun :+1:,


@Xezr i think maybe your video inspired others to go where no one has been before :+1: so i suppose we both helped put some fun and effort into the forum , eh good job mr , by way link above will help you find your post 8 days ago my friend , thank’s for helping :sunglasses:


Hehe, I’m just being cautious. Besides, if gas canisters get nerfed in the future it’ll be considerably harder to go where we have been, maybe even impossible.

My main reason for exploring beyond the boundaries of the playable area in the game is because I love the terrain of this game. I’ve worked on numerous terrain editor tools in modding other games before and they can’t even compare to the Apex engine. Even if it’s just supposed to create the illusion of the mainland, there are fully mapped forests, valleys and mountains there that just go on forever and it looks gorgeous.

So well done Avalanche for that :slight_smile:


Nice one cheer’s for the support on thread im gladd you joined in , i did start this so i will hold my hand’s up and :smile: and yep ermm the Dev’s may punish me , but im sure the Dev,s and forum had a laugh at it , ‘’ on a good note i did record the bug’s on the island’s i will release them in the 'bug section ’ and ’ tear holes ’ if the island’s get opened up to the public . :point_up_2::v::love_you_gesture::firecracker::boom:


Showed my friend your video earlier was reason for post , even though i have been dropping bomb’s behind him ( sometimes ’ unaware ’ hes takes to long inventory screen hogger) And sending him skyward lol , he’s has never seen the edge yet ,. - PS great trick on friend’s fast travel to a camp and put explosive’s out , and then press record and call your friend’s over , downside i play solo now :rofl: anyhow great video effort appreciated :+1: