Glitched red door not opening

Well I play on Xbox I’m kinda stuck and don’t know what to do but I was playing the game right before work and doing a mission well i turned on the power for a bunker went through the red doors that needed power to open well I had to leave to go to work so I went to the nearest safe house and when I loaded back in it acted as if I never turned the power back on so I went to the room and pushed the button to turn the power back on and now I’m stuck unable to complete a mission due to the doors saying no power I don’t know what to do will I have to quit and start all over or just ignore the mission all together

If anyone comes across your gaming crashing or you have to quit for some reason just fast travel as far away as you can then fast travel back as close as you can to the area walk to the red doors that where locked before and now they should be unlocked this was done single player mode on Xbox must be a glitch after logging back in so just a simple fast travel to a base far away then fast traveling back to the place walking to the doors and they should be good to go no problems

Try doing the mission with a new character, that always worked for me

Hey, is your issue related to this one? If so, I’m going to move this thread there.