Grenade explode in hand


I’m on PC and playing with an XBOX controller via bluetooth.

I’ve had the same problem over and over again now: I cannot throw grenades!
When I want to throw, my character does the throw animation but the grenade is stuck to my hand. It the explodes on my body and I die instantly. This is so annoying! Is there a fix for this?


Got one plus on this one. However sometimes it works to throw grenades. Its a gamble if my character throws the nade or the ring…


It seems to be the first grenade I throw sticks to me then boom I lose like half my health then I switch and go back and then can throw them again had the same thing happen with flares throw animation but nothing thrown


Haven’t experience this with grenades or flares, but have with compressed gas bottles. I will run up to a tank or harvester after giving him the EMP treatment to place a bottle by his feet. The placement animation runs, but it’s hit or miss whether it will actually drop it or not. Typically I have to do it a second time for it to work.

Ditto when placing a canister down with a radio / boombox for a trap. I place the canister down first, and sometimes it won’t place on the first try, despite the animation playing. At first I thought it was a collision thing with the machines not letting me place, but then I realized it was happening even trying to place one on clear ground.

I’m playing on PC.