Grenade explode in hand


I’m on PC and playing with an XBOX controller via bluetooth.

I’ve had the same problem over and over again now: I cannot throw grenades!
When I want to throw, my character does the throw animation but the grenade is stuck to my hand. It the explodes on my body and I die instantly. This is so annoying! Is there a fix for this?

Grenades sticking to character
Throwables stuck on head, covered scope

Got one plus on this one. However sometimes it works to throw grenades. Its a gamble if my character throws the nade or the ring…


It seems to be the first grenade I throw sticks to me then boom I lose like half my health then I switch and go back and then can throw them again had the same thing happen with flares throw animation but nothing thrown


Haven’t experience this with grenades or flares, but have with compressed gas bottles. I will run up to a tank or harvester after giving him the EMP treatment to place a bottle by his feet. The placement animation runs, but it’s hit or miss whether it will actually drop it or not. Typically I have to do it a second time for it to work.

Ditto when placing a canister down with a radio / boombox for a trap. I place the canister down first, and sometimes it won’t place on the first try, despite the animation playing. At first I thought it was a collision thing with the machines not letting me place, but then I realized it was happening even trying to place one on clear ground.

I’m playing on PC.


I play on PC and Steam - the same thing happened to me just now, so it hasn’t been fixed yet. One in twelve or so grenades just sticks to the hand. I throw and think, “Can’t see that flying - where is it?” and Boom, I’m lying on my back in black and white.

Can we get an acknowledgement on the issue? @Xezr You know how I like grenades!


Y’sure it’s actually sticking to your hand an not getting stuck in branches or bushes or anything? Grenades are solid physics objects like other things in the world. I’ve thrown a lot of grenades in this game and I’ve never had this issue. If anyone can replicate this issue in a video that’d help a lot, I think.


There’s nothing to see!

I was in open country - no bushes, no doorways, nothing. I was standing in the open ground in front of the first Hangar/Safe House, having fun with the resident Tank. There’s nothing there at all.

You press the button to throw, the animation throws, but you cannot see the grenade in flight, which you think is odd and wait to see where it explodes, so you can adjust your aim.

The hand is now holding what should be another grenade, but is actually the same grenade, which explodes after three seconds, taking you out almost completely. I don’t think I have the spare capacity on my system to take videos - I do a clean boot every time I play! And anyway it is not reproduceable, I don’t think, with any degree of certainty. It would need someone like wotsisname Tenebris Absolute or something - he’s called something different on here - begins with a “T” Ternis or something? to try it out until it happened. If he did it in Uttern Bunker, there’s heaps of grenades to use. Give it to him as a mission! I’m sure he’d help out…

It may happen to me because I use grenades a lot - but it has only happened twice, I think. Bloody irritating when it does!


@Xezr I’ve had it happen a few times myself (maybe three or four times with grenades, and once with a flare), but it seems to be an almost completely random occurrence. I actually did try to reproduce it a while back, but had no luck whatsoever.

As mentioned by @Bootie, you go through the animation of throwing the object, but it never leaves your hand for some reason. This also seems (at least to me) to be a distinct issue from the bug reported elsewhere where the grenade gets no forward momentum during the throw and just drops at your feet after what would be the normal travel time (which I’ve also had happen a few times, though not recently).


That was me! I have a surprising number of issues with grenades, considering how much I like them! They may need to check the whole algorithm, which they can do while they add the push./flip function :))


This has been a bug pretty much since I started back up playing the game 8 or 9 months ago, but I’m just reporting it now.

Almost every other time I throw a grenade, it doesn’t actually throw. It sticks to my character and blows me up. It doesn’t matter if I throw it then run away, it still sticks to me. Thankfully it only happens like half the time, but it sometimes ruins my fights because I end up killing myself. I don’t know how it’s happening; it doesn’t matter if I’m in the open, or in a closed space. Also, I don’t see any other posts about it, so I don’t know if it’s only me.


this game has the cocking of granades in it so you pull the pin and let go of the grip as sone as you click your left mouse trigger so dont hold it to long you have to be fast i dont know if they are simulating smoke fuses in the the grenades (we are trowing swedish standard grenades that is Spränggranat its heavier then most countrys hand grenades( swedish 580g Nato standard 400g) whit less shrapnel and more blast normal fuse is 2.8sec but you can fidel whit them and use smoke grenades fuse and you get 1.9sec fuse dont know if that one was implemnted in the game by mistake the ingame grafiks sugest its the swedish one )


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This bug is back as well?!?!?!!?

I did have a moment yesterday where I did not see the grenade flying but it exploded where it was supposed to. Then again I do not use grenades so much either.

Mods: Not sure it is correct to merge a one year old thread of an old bug with the newly re-appearance of the same bug? Or maybe it is?


Normally I wouldn’t, but seeing as the issue keeps appearing it seemed like the right thing to do.
Can any of you guys confirm if this is happening across all platforms, or consoles alone?


Just to add to the conversation, it can still happen for me on PC (with the Xbox controller). When it happens, it is only if I press and release the button quickly (similar to a mouse click). Then, what I originally experienced back when I first made this post happens.

However, if I click and hold the button, the grenade cooks while I have the button pressed, and then it throws the grenade properly when the button is released. You hear a sound similar to removing the splinter when first pressing the button, then release when I release the button.

The weird thing though is that the bug is not consistent. It happens sometimes, and I am not aware of a foolproof method to replicate the bug consistently unfortunately.


Hey guys I really hoped that I could use the hand granates after June update + FNIX Rising without hurting myself. But guess what, the problem is still as pressent as before. I tryed it yesterday (launch day of the patch) and the first granate exploded without throwing. Today I thought, hey lets try it again. I got 14 of them and sneaked to a rival. Guess what, the first exploded in my hand again.
It is always the first, the other 13 worked normal after an adrenalin shot.
That’s so freaking frustating. I will not loot them for the next 6 month.
(I’m playing on PC)


I once tryed a smoke granate and the same phenomenen happend. So I could try to throw first a smoke. They dont hurt :wink:

Devs can I help you to solve this problem? Should I send you my save file?


Are you using a controller, by chance? Many have reported that using a specific controller can cause this issue. We still need more details about that.


No, I have one but never used it for GZ. It was not even pluged in.
I also recently changed CPU, RAM, Mainboard and reinstalled Windows. Only Graphics card and HDD stayed the same. So it is probably not related to hardware inside the pc.


Small update.
It just happend to me with an medium EMP cell.
And with a Radio!. That happend to me the first time.
The EMP exploded like a hand granate but the radio just did nothing. I heard no music and it attracted no enemies.