Grenade fuse to long

It takes a LOT longer for the grenade to explode nowdays, right? Feels like it’s pretty useless now. Any machine you throw it at will often be long gone before it explodes.


I noticed this, too.
The update before the last one seemed to have fixed it to the previous delay, but the recent update brought it back.

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You can “cook” a grenade by holding down the attack button.

Maybe that helps a bit.

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I’m sure I once read exactly the same phrase by you… Wait, I’m looking for it…


Yes, you can cook it. But that takes time. We just want to throw (or even spam) grenades and “boom” like it was before.

Edit : found an older topic about that

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No it doesn’t. And not trying to sound rude, only good for one shot. By the time you see a group of machine bunching up. Throwing it ASAP or holding it for 5 seconds, give the machines lots of time to move and get out of the blast. Much easier to toast them with a rocket. What I like to do it toss a grenade in the center of the bunch and then one on each side. When the grenades go back to the original timer, this works well for doing a lot of damage to the machines. Right now, by the time you toss the first one, they are gone before it goes off and no sense to throw 2 and 3.

YES… please set it back and leave it along. But not as annoying as the game crashing.

You guys realize you’re asking for grenades that are nothing like real life ones. What you want are grenades that explode on contact or with such a short fuse that they would be dangerous to use in real life. The grenades in game have 5 second fuses with the ability to cook it off… just like in real life.

We are asking for the game grenades to have the same time the game started with, lasted for 4 years. Then the fuse time was extended into, cook till the reason you was cooking in the first place ran away and you throw cause you can’t put the pin back in. Then it went back to OEM, then the last update date halved the cook time. Players that use grenades regularly pick up on timing because the timing jumps off.

Grenades are cheap and when you know how to collect them and use them. Its free skill points almost. Oh, and fun.
Edit: You can do a lot of damage to a harvester when you time the first blast between the rocket launches and the tick box. Then a second one when the first one goes off it blasts from under the beast.

Early players, that is all they had, and it still works. And an effective grenade attack is more than one and spaced to far apart it is useless. The rate that you can repeat throw stays the same, but the time the grenades goes off keeps changing in the last few updates. Next thing you know you are blowing your own health up instead of the machines.

Grenades are a close combat tool to get out of a tight spot without having to take a shot. But if you can’t drop and then sprint to get clear…why keep it?

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All I’m saying is they probably just changed it to be more real to life.

I think the change came because there was a glitch where if you try to cook the grenade it blows up to close to the player or blows up in their hand. The grenade would stick to your hand thing. So, we got an extended timer that was so long it made using grenades a joke. You could throw a grenade at a tank, then switch to a weapon and destroy the machine, then grenade would blow up.

If you tried tossing more than one, then by the time the first one blows up it would cause our grenades to scatter and almost every time, one would get blown back at the player and player would take a lot of damage. Running from hunters, ticks and runners you couldn’t cook and time the grenades to destroy cars to run past and then blow up because the machine would all run past the car long after the grenade blows. So, it gets to the point of, why am I wasting weight units carrying grenades when they are 100% useless. The timing of the grenades was prefect, they worked as intended and then 4 years later, the timing was extended by more than double. Then back to normal and now back to extended. 5 seconds, then 15 seconds, then back to 5 seconds and now back to 15 seconds. Guessing at the timing. But what effect will 3 grenades have verses only one in the same 15 seconds?

BTW, max throwing distance skill, you could throw a grenade at just the right arch, to have it blow up as it reached the big machines and it blow up where the impact of the blast hits their body and not bounce down at the legs where it has little affect or the machine gets away from the blast all together. Keep in mind that switching to grenades, then holding it in throw position (cooking), you can’t sprint to dodge machine attacks and keep the correct distance from a machine which you have to cook it for 10 seconds. and hope that everything is timed correctly and throw at the correct distance. How much more damage can you do to a machine with a level 6 LMG or SMG on the same machine for 10 seconds? Try one on one with an APOC hunter and using just grenades that you have to stay within flame thrower range of the hunter while you jog around it cooking grenades for 10 seconds each. You can only throw grenades every 15 seconds and not 5 seconds. Its a battle you will lose every time.

It makes you think, why did I waste skill points (total of 4) for throwing distance and accuracy when the machine can walk away from the blast before it happens? Makes you use 5 uranium pieces to reclaim those 4 points for some other skills and build a different character with a different specialty.

There are strategies you learn when learning the game as a beginner, before you get level 5 and 6 weapons and before any DLC weapon packs, that still work very well as an end game player, as long as the timing stays the same. Let the dev team change the fire rate of your go to weapon by a second or so and see how fast to make statements of it’s more realistic fire rate now.

Please get good at using something and then comment on it when its changed after 4 years or so.

Hold the Granade for a little longer before you throw it, but don’t wait too long or go off in your hand