Grenade Performance Issues

Okay, can we talk about grenades?

  1. When you press the button for a grenade throw, it pulls the pin. But it also seems to release the handle, in spite of the fact that the animation clearly does not do so. So I pulled the pin in cover, moved out to release and throw and it blew up in my hand and killed me. Nice.

  2. Let’s not even talk about the inability to throw them through doorways, what with them always hitting the lintel and falling to your feet and, wait for it, killing you.

  3. The length of holding the left mouse button on any throw makes no difference to distance, is that right? In Half Life, if you press and release it drops 20 ft in front of you, hold it down and release and it goes 50 yards. Here, not, right? Any throwing item leaves your hand at the same velocity, is that right?

  4. Yesterday, I had the chance to get a hit on a hunter, and threw the grenade. It fell to the ground, five feet in front of my and killed me. I revived, re-medded up to 80-odd%, took out another grenade (slow learner, me) this time I pointed it up in the air, held the mouse button for a good second, released and the grenade fell to the ground five feet in front of me and, wait for it, killed me. Whose side are the bloody things on?

This must be a glitch mustn’t it - should I report it as such? Anyone else having trouble.

PS, I have yet to kill a machine of any sort with a grenade - they have killed me four times.

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