Grey-Colored Game Bug and Scope Bug


My game is gray and I do not know why. It wasn’t until the recent 12GB update via Steam. Only the world is gray, menus still look the same, the world also seems to look how it should when using the X-Ray Scope, maybe the night vision scope too but I’m not sure, that has always looked over-exposed.
Also, the scope seems to not be working properly, my vision is obscured by some texture.
I’ve tried different graphic settings, an external monitor, display settings, resolution, you name it. I have even reinstalled the game and the issue persists.
I’m playing on a Dell XPS 15 2in1 with Intel Core i5-8305G CPU, AMD VegaM graphics, 8GB of RAM, Windows 10 64-Bit, Steam Verison.
I uploaded screenshots using the Windows Clipping tool and I wasn’t sure how to capture the scope so I just took a picture with my phone, I also took a picture of the grayness just to cross reference.


The fog is a known issue here. It’s been looked at already and confirmed by Avalanche post, so hopfully next update.


It’s just the South Coast region that has excessive fog. Fast travel to a different area and it should be fine.


Excess fog has been fixed for PC players in June '20 update (console players will get their fix in July) and scope bug has been reported here: ADS scope problems

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