Grg M/49 (Granatgevär M/49) discussion/rant

This has been bothering me for the longest time now and I want to hear what everyone else thinks about it

The Grg m/49 (Granatgevär M/49) is in my opinion the weakest weapon in the game based on how it theoretically should perform
This weapon should be the most effective non-experimental weapon you could get, but it simply isn’t.
The player should be overjoyed by finding a HEDP round but it feels useless so 99% of the time I ignore it

The weapon that should be the best anti-tank/anti-armor weapon in the game, but is on average meh.
I would rather prefer 2 mags for a standard Kvm 59 or a AG 4. Hell even an SMG

I’m no weapons or explosives expert but i don’t think you should need 20+ rockets to take down a Tank

Now onto the Experimental version
The Experimental Grg m/49 is even more depressing, it uses double the ammo and needs to fire both at the same time, which would be fine considering it lowers reload time and double damage yay.
But the second round gets a slightly different angle which make it hit way of target if you’re not close enough which makes it out to be worse that its standard version

So here’s my point: I think this weapon should be “buffed” heavily. At least increase the Damage by a minimum of 100% but in turn make it’s ammo much more rare (perhaps 10%-20% from what it is now) and/or make the ammo heavier, one HEDP round weighs 0.250 kg right now.

I thought about posting this in Feedback/Feature requests but i wanted to hear what everyone else think and have a discussion about it

Here’s a wikipedia article on it for those who want to read about it in real life


I agree with you, I personally use the shots for recycling. Since the new crafting system was introduced, I have recycled about 150 cartridges. If they don’t fix the damage done by this weapon, the only useful way to use it is recycling


I pretty much agree with everything you said, @Thagen :slight_smile:
This weapon is basically useless the way it is right now.
The M/49 should at least do twice the damage, and ammo find be reduced to 1/10, just like you said!
It should indeed have been the most powerful weapon available…

But just as important IMO, the weapon should get a full revamp.
It is a grenade rifle, but in-game it behaves like a rocket launcher!
IRL, that grenade flies 250 meters pr. second. You should not be able to see any kind of fire coming from the projectile, and it should not leave a smoke trail! Like I said, it’s not a rocket.
It should be much more accurate than it currently is, and you should also be able to equip a scope on it, as they come with extra scopes IRL.

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The most underpowered compared to real life tech, is the Exp.50.
If you understand the damage that is done by a bullet travelling at mach 5 to 7… maybe even more…

As for the RPG: why do people constantly want more damage?
Machines already are extremely underpowered…

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An important part of it was to make the ammo extremely rare. :wink:

The weapon is just completely out of proportion, and serves no useful purpose in the game right now.

Agree fully. As a former user of the ‘irl’ counterpart, this weapon is beyond disappointing in this game. I would argue to up the damage a lot, and to compensate increase the weight of the grenades (no need to make them harder to find imho), and possibly increase weight of the weapon itself.

The experimental version would be ok if you could choose to fire one or two grenades at a time. We should also be able to mount a scope to it.

Oh and also - add a freakin backblast already! :smiley:

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Would be a great way to balance it out vs. making it more powerful :+1:


On that, they need to look at the Chaff rounds as well. Maybe turn them into a countermeasure for harvesters

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A backblast would be blast on the backside right? In what way does this effect the players?

I also really hope for a AP round chemata to do some damage against tanks

I was mainly aiming at the base weapons not the experimental ones, I apologize, i should have been more specific

We want more damage for the Grg since its real life counterpart can be used to take out tanks or helicopters in almost one shot or at least heavily damage them while you need 20 shots to take down a tank in game.

I completely agree, I’m often tempted to switch to guerrilla

Very good suggestions, it was mentioned in another post if you could load two different types of ammo for example Smoke and Emp

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I primarily thought of it as a cool graphics effect, but also one that could prove lethal depending on where you position yourself. I guess you wouldn’t want to fire it if you, for example, have a vehicle right behind you. Or a rock. Or a wall. Or whatever :wink:


That could also be a good way to balance it, you need to be mindful where you use it so it doesn’t case fire damage to you or anyone standing behind you

Not sure how easy that is to program into the game, the dev team is quiet small compared to other larger titles so it might take some effort.

The main rounds it has are HEDP, designed for blast and fragmentation attacks on unarmored targets. If we would have HEAT rounds, which are designed as armor piercing shell, then we’d have completely different story.

So, the issue with m/49 in the game isn’t about the weapon itself but the rounds it uses in-game.


True! :+1:

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I never saw an HEDP for this weapon, even in training n the late seventies and afterwards I was Anti-Tank Troop Commander. It was always HEAT rounds, as opposed to the Wombat 120mm, which had HESH rounds.

Oh, how I’d love to see a Wombat in this game! It would have to be in a fixed position (you couldn’t move it alone) and if it were in the game on a horde mission, I’d play it at once (I don’t play waves or hordes). Perhaps you enter an Army base and that triggers the horde. It would be slow to reload, but would unquestionably one-shot a Tank. IRL it’ll take eight tons of Centurian turret, tear it off and throw it 20 feet in the air…

The Charlie G, even nerfed for the game, should one-shot a Hunter, and five-shot a Tank or Harvester. Especially as it will not take a sight, and at least on PC, LDS loses all definition (which should be the opposite). To accurately hit a target at 200 metres (the real one will happily hit at five hundred) I have to load my AG4, sight, change weapon and fire without moving.

I agree some weapons are broken. The exp shotgun (devs said its a “melee” weapon) but now that we have real melee weapons, could we please fix the broken exp. shotgun now? thanks.

Also the granatgevar. I think the ammo should be rare and that thing should destroy a fnix tank with 2 hits. (but as i said the ammo should be rare and it should weight a lot. Including the weapon.) For the exp. I still think that it is stupid that it shoots 2 bullets out of 1 barrel… Just fix the model please so it has 2 barrels.

I was not aware it had an issue, sir?
For me it seemed to work just fine, when I tried it out.
To my liking it does too much damage, but that’s about it, sir?

well every Exp weapon (except the Exp Grg) is in short OP in their own way.

Absolutely, sir, I fully agree.
Weapons should be toned down a lot…