So, more folks seem to be annoyed with the level of cheating in GZ, and how it affects them.
These are ideas based on LOGIC and PRAGMATISM, and DEVOID of emotional impact.
I am NOT taking EMOTION in account here, but I try to address the problem of cheating.
No more… and no less… :slight_smile:

Simple ways to overcome cheating:

  1. Take the BEST GZ gamer, see how he levels, make a programmed rule one cannot have faster speeds gaining Exp.
  2. Take the BEST GZ gamer, do the same with levelling.
  3. To overcome ALREADY cheated accounts: next DLC is incompatible with current safe: one needs to restart.
  4. Use 2 ideas to solve the weapon drop and weapon dupe issue as additional implementation.

Can a PROGRAMMER please tell me the feasibility of implementing this, approximate code duration, difficulty, ‘resource need’?
Thank you.

If you want more systems implemented, please do ask…
I have several ideas more, if needed.

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