Halloween Has Come to Generation Zero!

Hi all!

We just wanted to let you know that things are getting a little spooky during your struggle against the machines, and for a limited time there are some special item drops that you can find out on your scavenging runs. No tricks here, just treats!

From today up to November 4th machines can drop some Halloween inspired clothing items, so do your best to get out there and grab them all (there’s 4 sets to collect) before the event wraps-up! And of course, don’t forget to share your new outfits with us on social media.

Happy Halloween everybody!


If people want to make sure they got the halloween items I’ll include a nice little post here with all of them

Halloween Apparel

Antarctic cowboy hat, red
Antarctic cowboy hat, blue
Antarctic cowboy hat, black
Antarctic cowboy hat, green
Antarctic sunglasses, black
Antarctic jacket, beige
Antarctic jacket, brown
Antarctic jacket, black
Antarctic pants, green
Antarctic pants, blue
Antarctic pants, red
Antarctic pants, black

Winter mittens black
Winter mittens white
Winter mittens, red
Winter mittens, blue
Winter mittens, green

Elegant silk gloves, white
Elegant silk gloves, red
Elegant silk gloves, black
Elegant silk gloves, purple
Elegant top hat, black/red
Elegant top hat, black/blue
Elegant top hat, black
Elegant top hat, black/green
Elegant top hat, black/purple
Elegant tailcoat, black/red
Elegant tailcoat, black/blue
Elegant tailcoat, black
Elegant tailcoat, black/green
Elegant tailcoat, black/purple
Elegant vest, black/red
Elegant vest, black/blue
Elegant vest, black
Elegant vest, black/green
Elegant vest, black/purple

Worn flannel jacket, beige
Worn flannel jacket, red
Worn shirt, orange/blue
Worn shirt, beige/orange
Worn shirt, light blue/black
Worn shirt, black/purple
Worn shirt, bordeuax/orange
Worn shirt, blue/ light blue
Worn pants, black
Worn pants, brown
Worn leather gloves, brown
Worn leather gloves, black

Stalker’s hockey mask

Slayer’s sweater, yellow
Slayer’s sweater, green
Slayer’s sweater, blue
Slayer’s sweater, red
Slayer’s gloves
Slayer’s leather hat
Slayer’s shoes, black
Slayer’s shoes, brown

Burn scars
Vampire makeup


Well done, Avalanche!!!

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Biddin coming in hot with the spoilers. :frowning: lol


Well, finding clothing items on dead machines was something unusual :laughing:


This explains a lot… Better get a-killin’ :ghost:


I think it’s great that we know what we’ll get now thank you for making that list my dude! Though as a small request (and it’s okay if you don’t) it would be nice to just know what to hunt that drops these apparel items, if its all robots, rivals a certain class that sorta thing.


This is how i look like


Looks like any Machine can drop them. At first I thought it was just FNIX Runners but then one piece of clothing dropped from a Military Harvester.


Yeah man, after some testing i can confirm it seems to drop from everything military and up on any machine that has a loot table (so sadly no tick drops lol) have yet to test the prototypes so i’ll check and confirm here if anyone hasn’t checked yet :slight_smile:

To confirm, you can get halloween drops off prototypes, so if anyone wants to farm the heck out of these with minimal cost go for the prototype machines!!




The Halloween loot only come from prototype machines or in general?

What does prototype machines look like? What markings on machines that different from FNK and Army machines?

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All machines in general haven’t gotten a drop off a seeker yet so they might be the only ones missing a Halloween vanity item, but prototypes are just the easiest. And they are the orange machines found on the first island and across the map.

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prototypes are the orange ones, with less armor.
Military have military camouflage and more armor and in the case of tanks and hunters better weapons.
Fnix are better in everything and are similar to Military in terms of colors, they have red cables differentiating from the other 2 classes.

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Yup! Cuz I know some peeps want to collect all the things just like me! :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay so just for clarification what happens with the clothing if you decide to start a new game later on do you still have it, or is it just for the current game?

Cool, gonna get my Freddy crueger on.

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So will there ever be a way to get these items after November 4th? I’ve killed every machine I’ve come by and only found two of them so far…

Like, it’s cool and all that you’re giving away free cosmetic stuff, but there really shouldn’t be a limited time frame of availability, especially since they (at least what I found) aren’t even specifically related to Halloween costumes but rather just general clothing. And what if they just randomly decide to disappear like other apparel?

I absolutely hate it when stuff is seasonally locked in games. If you pay full price for a game and the files are hosted on your own system, you should damn well be able to unlock them regardless of what time of the year it is. And that’s that.

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Hate’s a strong word, but I can see where you’re coming from. Perhaps they could include it in a (cheap) future DLC if people missed out on the Halloween event?