Halloween Has Come to Generation Zero!

Doing what I can, though right now it’s weekend :slight_smile:

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Yes forgot most of Sweden don’t do work weekends , wish uk was same , aye cheers xezr :+1:

Ok, Made an account just to post this. This is long, but please hear me out. :laughing:

completionist here, I’m just wondering if these will return every year or is this a one time deal and next halloween will be different along with other possible future seasonal content?

Asking because I didn’t have time to get them all but I’d love to. ^^ (I know I still have time as of writing this but life happens and I won’t have time. :laughing:)

If they won’t return though I’d like to ask something as nicely as possible. I’ve seen people here suggest that you should add this as a buyable DLC in the future and others saying that this would kill the fun of collecting it. My ideal solution would be to add this as a DLC that doesn’t give you them but just gives you the ability to find them again later on.

The reason I ask this is simply because I have nothing against seasonal content as it is just more free stuff for me the consumer, but whether we like it or not all games die sooner or later, even our favourites. I’m just feeling a little stressed out by the idea that I have one shot at this and never again. Even if the season is implemented again by you guys, that won’t go on forever as say 20 years from now when you guys are working on Generation Zero 3 xD or something… this won’t be updated anymore and such.

All I’m saying is that for crazy absolute HAVE TO 100% people like me it would be nice to have an option in the future to get a DLC pack that re-opens all seasonal stuff say… 2-3 years from now forever. I bought the biggest edition of the game to support you guys and to have it 100% and I would like to keep it that way that’s all. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll even gladly pay for this DLC giving you money in the process. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time reading all this. :slight_smile:

PS. Love this game and and the companies working on it, you never disappoint and neither did this game! Generation Zero FTW! :smiley:


Perhaps make the Haloween themed ones limited and the winter themed ones permanent (or last during the whole winter).

Anyone knows if the Halloween event is going to be extended? i still do not have the Jason mask :sweat_smile:


I enjoyed the Halloween event. I didn’t farm machines to grind for all the outfits but I did take a few more risks and took out some enemies that I normally would have bypassed. I know some folks don’t like the idea of seasonal content but I like the incentive to get you to press just a little harder. Hopefully we will see some additional events over the next few months.


Well, today this morning and yesterday I found Freddy’s hat, sweaters (green and blue) and Antarctic apparels which I got them all even though the days already passed. So, grab them while you can.


Man, I played every day for the last week and never found any Halloween apparel. Sucks.

Actually i got them all , 30 tanks destroyed and 40 harvester in the last 4 days :grin:

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One thought here that very likely occurred to other players as well: why not add a special ability or bonus for completing a certain set of clothes? So far some items add a little bit to a certain action or attribute, like jumping or bullet resistance. But it would be nice if this could be ramped up a bit by collecting and wearing certains sets of outfits. What do you think?


It`s a great idea! I hope when day they implement it.

does it seem like a waste of DLC to anyone else?

to have a team mesh/animate/texture/code new game assets just for a handful of people to unlock and appreciate?

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How did you kill so many in two days?

Well i was Sick the past days and it was a prolonged weekend because of a National Holiday (last Friday), so i stayed more time indoors than usual, i know where this kind of enemies usually spawn, and i learned quickly how to dispatch them, not a big deal even without the Material rifle (which i now have since Saturday),and i never run out of ammo even with only 1/2 Salvage perk and that’s it. tanks are…like tanks…you get their guns offline and stay near buildings and as long you are far away it`s target practice.

Tell me about it… I didn’t get anything I actually wanted (though I did find a corset, purple silk gloves, a top hat and blue winter gloves). Even though I killed every Hunter I could find, only one of them dropped Halloween loot, the Runners had more frequent drops despite being merely collateral damage.

Uh-huh. Why can’t seasonal items just be a permanent part of the game? At the very least I hope it’s their last foray with this type of live service nonsense. Again, it’s really neat that they’re adding stuff for free, but having it available for a limited time only (especially since it’s based on luck) is just…Bruh.

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I wasn’t able to find what I wanted but it being a limited time event is what drove me to get back in. I wish they would have started it sooner though. I don’t think they gave us enough time. Still, I like them doing it this way instead of just putting them up for sale.

Is that the Hockey Mask? I’ve got one of those…