Harvester dumping stations locations

To make the grind to get more Rivals for the last 15 apparel schematics a bit more satisfying, I tasked myself to count and log all Harvester dumping stations or vaults. Supposedly harvesters go there to dump their harvest.
I found 22 different locations that have 1 or more of these dumping vaults, together they sum up to 88 so far. From high to low:

Spoiler: List of locations

15 vaults at Brevikins Camping.
14 Vaults at FNIX Central Nervous System #10011
8 vaults at Ängsnäs Manor.
6 vaults at Knaperänna Frontline Outpost.
5 vaults at FNIX Research facility (Farmlands).
4 vaults at FNIX research facility on F23 Överby Air base.
4 vaults at Stenungsnäs generator.
4 vaults at Tokeröd Data Center.
3 vaults at Säveredsberg Data Center.
3 vaults at Hisings Udde.
3 vaults at Guteby Farm.
3 vaults at Location without icon, east of Kalleby on road.
3 vaults at on Tylöveden mountain.
2 vaults at Sillavik Dumping Station.
2 vaults at Core Neural Node.
2 vaults at Hällabacken High Security Prison.
2 vaults at Fiskebäck Docks.
1 vault at Ängnäsberg Data Center.
1 vault at Småbåthammen Data Center.
1 vault in the valley between two mountains in theTylöveden range.
1 vault also in the valley between two mountains in theTylöveden range.
1 vault in FNIX cave on South-side of Tylöveden Mountain.


Thanks now I can find them.

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