HAs anybody found the second weapon on Saltholmen Naval Base i only found the rocket launcher, i search everywhere and no luck

Second weapon missing Saltholmen Naval Base Weapons

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I remember finding a K-pist SMG in the green barracks by the base entrance. That could be the one.

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I would think so but it’s not. The weapon is somewhere in the vacinity of the bunker itself but nowhere to be found. That SMG doesn’t count towards the Naval base’s weapon counter.

I seem to recall it being an HP5 or Automatgevär 4. I think it was in one of the machine rooms, but I’m not sure.

Whatever it is, it’s absent from For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****.

Correction, I just double checked, and the game is only listing one weapon at Salthamn Naval Base, which should be the dilapidated Granatgevär m/49 in the gas room.

I figured it was a visual bug. For a lot of us it displays (x/2).

What i need to do to have only 1 weapon to finde please reply

check on this thread

it may or may not be here

Weapons 1/2

1- Granatgever
2- ???

K-pist no!

Fail? Only one weapon?

I never found it too.
And i dont know how to go to the bunker dock.
If you look from the shore there is some kind of submarine dock inside the bunker complex, there are even green ammo boxes there, but no way to reach it :thinking:

this game has infinite glitches. when they fix one thing they break another. each update and content increase brings new general bugs. I’m already getting a little tired of the role of these avalanche developers and I think I’m going to stop playing it for good. missions that you can’t finish, objects that don’t appear, wrong statistics, etc… by god if even some of the icons on the map are wrongly located. I have already had to start the game several times due to conflicts between updates. it’s definitely a disaster.

How can you put 0/2 weapons in Saltholmen if there is only 1. It happened until recently in Saltham that it indicated 0/5 and there are only 4. Or right now in F23 Overby that indicates 0/6 in the base and 0/2 in the bunker. 4 are in the base and 2 in the bunker but the bunker does not add them and the base indicates the total. (If you start a new game it is solved) and so many locations. is incredible! What a pity but I say goodbye to GZ.

:grinning: many tried and failed…

Shame to see you go, but each to their own. Come back later, perhaps you can get a better experience then.

No, there is no way to reach the saltholmen dock inside the bunker.
There is a door without power there “DOCK A”
And you made me go there because i havent for 1 year, and its been this way since the beginning.

But you can get there from outside, by jumping into the water as near as possible to the dock.

Edit: Above is wrong

I tried that in the past and never made it.
What a weird thing.

Il try it later :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, I got the safehouses mixed up, the one I meant was Torsberga safehouse. :blush:
This is no safehouse. I just went there, i jumped in from the top and moved under water toward the dock.
There is only ammo to find.

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There are at least 2 other places that are a dock and safehouse.
But i did find strange this one was a “safehouse”
Now it makes sense.
Altough i dont understand why that dor is not unlocked, “devs wake up hello?”

2nd weapon is there. Ag4 Both are in the bunker.

Hint: vehicle bay

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