HAs anybody found the second weapon on Saltholmen Naval Base i only found the rocket launcher, i search everywhere and no luck


Second weapon missing Saltholmen Naval Base Weapons


I remember finding a K-pist SMG in the green barracks by the base entrance. That could be the one.


I would think so but it’s not. The weapon is somewhere in the vacinity of the bunker itself but nowhere to be found. That SMG doesn’t count towards the Naval base’s weapon counter.


I seem to recall it being an HP5 or Automatgevär 4. I think it was in one of the machine rooms, but I’m not sure.

Whatever it is, it’s absent from For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****.


Correction, I just double checked, and the game is only listing one weapon at Salthamn Naval Base, which should be the dilapidated Granatgevär m/49 in the gas room.


I figured it was a visual bug. For a lot of us it displays (x/2).