Have you ever........"lost a weapon"?

It happened to me last night. Level 31. Daily player since April 2020
I inadvertently dropped my tricked out Exp .50…

I left a safehouse in the marshlands region. After a few short minutes i came across 2 fnix tanks. I dispatch them quickly and continue wandering/exploring the area headed west along the coast. I met aproximately 8 runners,say hello, and send them to hell.
I continue my journey and end up at normyra arttilery bunker and dispatch a few more pesky runners. I exit the bunker south of FOA2 (i believe) near some apartments with 3 green trailers nearby. I kill a few more runners and proceed to check the apartments,trailers and every house,shed,woodshed,truck trailer,cars, etc…Im done and decided to head south-east to the gate that leads to the area.

On my way i examined my typical loadout…270-check,ai76-check,grenade launcher-check,kvm59-check,pvg90???..wait! wth??? IT WASNT THERE. I checked again. Nothing.

My heart began to misfire at this point, and im sure i fainted…How could this happen?..I wiped the tears from my eyes and got up from my fetal postion,took a deep breath and said to myself, “No problem- Ill just retrace my steps”.
But this meant going back to the safehouse and taking the same exact route. Well as usual for me it was nightime and i knew it wasnt gonna be easy cause i had no idea where i might have dropped it after the tank fight. I put it away and got out my ai76 and .270 which is what i normally use when exploring. I grinded for a month trying to get the EXP .50- Its my go to weapon and i had no intentions of letting it go because of neglect on my part. NOTE: this was NOT a game crash.

…Anyway after about 25 minutes of careful looking i figured i might have to ‘take a L’. I couldnt locate it anywhere.Severe depression sank in and im hyperventilating…
Then i remembered what i read on this forum a few months ago. Someone said experimentals only drop from apocs.(true or not- at least i had some hope)…All my apocs are at himjfal. I had 5 there so i fast travel “Back to the hotel”(its also a song).
When i get there i decide to check my plundra, just in case. I felt like a baglady rummaging through a trashcan. I scan my map and i have a level 4 hunter closeby. I was hoping to get a reaper spawn here but I needed my exp .50 before i even thought about a reaper takedown. So lets see what the apoc hunter has for loot.

I got to him and blasted away with the exp kvm. I was flamed 3 times but he went down soon. I staggered over to him and WELL WELL WELLLLLLLL, A nice bright shiny EXP .50 cal…YESSSSSSS. I kicked that hunter in his nuts and hightailed it “Back to the hotel”. I got in my plundra and tricked it out again.

In the movie, “Full Metal Jacket” there is a scene when the recruits are in their bunks holding their weapons and the chants is THIS IS MY WEAPON, THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT BUT THIS ONE IS MINE.

Thats my story and my rant. You ever lost,dropped,misplaced your favorite weapon before???

One time I had lost my EXP Kpist in a similar way before. Kinda sucked. As that was the one that took the longest. Adn by the time I got more rivals, the exp drop rate plummeted. But I found a trade for one luckily. Anyways, the only apocs drop exp weapons is incorrect. Exp weapons can drop from any type, and class of rival.

@myklmks, how about adding some spacing in your text? So, that anyone who reads it, doesn’t hurt their eyes. (And that is also the reason why i didn’t read most of it.)

Lost? No.
Dropped? Yes. 2 times.

For both times, it was my 6* AG4 (in my 1st slot) since i messed up keyboard shortcuts in inventory view.

Of course, i instantly knew what happened and picked the weapon back up. Also, i wasn’t in combat when either of the two instances happened.

@Aesyle, Sir Yes SIR. I ll get better at posting. Thanks

You know, you can edit your reply as well?

In any event: Spacing added.


I lost one - a 3* HP5.

This was very early in the game, right after release.
I dropped it by mistake, the game must have saved and crash right after :disappointed:

Yes, dropped my EXP pvg90 with all 5* attachments. Only time i have lost weapon by my fumble fingers on keyboard.

Quite an adventure. Liked reading it. :cowboy_hat_face:

I never lost a weapon but I do throw every weapon away I find, if I have it already. Even a duplicate EXP .50, which I have equipped as my primary weapon always. I make daily copies of my save games so if I ever drop it accidentally I will load the last previous save game.

I’ve actually had a weapon disapear. I don’t remember if it was my sniper (I think it was) or my AI76. I played the game, used it. The next day, it was gone… Not in my inventory, not in my storage. I have no idea what happened to it. I’ve since replaced it, but I’ll always wonder what happened to it…:face_with_monocle:

It happened to me the day before yesterday. I had my EXP kvm59 equipment in the first weapon slot and a pvg90 in the second. Was out exploring and farming for medkits.
Encountered some machines and when I was about to swap to my EXP kvm59 it was gone.
I think I lost it when I was looting a crate or something and wasn’t paying attention. So I most have accidentally stored it, since the sorting system is now putting the most valuable item on top and if you spam the button you can accidentally store high value items if you’re not paying attention.

Yes indeed. Back in the day when the game was still new, I hadn’t yet grasped that items placed in the world aren’t saved between sessions. This was before the Plundra existed. So I’d reached the Salthamn bunker and I figured it’d make a nice safehouse until my friend had gotten the game. So I saved the best weapons I’d gotten thus far in a crate in the bunker, and logged out.

Lesson learned :man_facepalming:


Just happened to me too. Played a bit this morning and had destroyed lots of tanks, harvesters, hunters and a few runners. After an intense fight where I cleared an area for robots, I just discovered I’d lost my fully equipped 6* Pvg90. My fully equipped 6* AG4 is my bread-and-butter weapon, while my Pvg90 takes down all major machines (I’m a sniper).

I got annoyed and thought “Okay, no more GZ”, but I decided to backtrack my steps, as I used my Pvg90 just moments ago. So I found the last hunter, I checked for loot, but decided not to scavenge. And - guess what - it had my Pvg90 with all accessories in its inventory. I took it back, and my favourite weapon was in my possession once more.

Somehow, declining to grap the hunters loot, transferred my weapon into its inventory. Deeply disturbing if you ask me.

Edit: Btw, I forgot to mention that the game crashed five minutes later which is a very rare event on my Xbox these days…

i lost almost my whole inventory, and i cant find it in my storage box, i´m 100% sure
that i didnt drop it somewhere, nor i “recycled” them ( thank to the extra step of confirmation ), also no filters to blame…
i fought the last base ( but not chronological ) and had to do some fasttravels because i died quite a lot and needed to manufacture some stuff ( aka out of ammo )
than i jumped again and … wooop… weapon inventory almost empty ( but not my experimentals )…

now it happens again, the same mission, but this time my legendary weapons too.
now where is no joy in the game anymore:/
the mission is " spiking the guns" and my weapons disapear after i kill the tank in the base

As this never happened to me and my mates and I can’t even imagine how or why that could happen…

  1. What are your system specifications?
  2. Did you ever install any kind of mods for GZ?