Having trouble finding the us weapons


I just killed roughly 15 apoc hunters. No new weapons. I just got the us weapons pack. Any help to find even a 1* or locations?



It’s all RNG, just keep killing FNIX/Apoc machines and you’ll get them eventually. Farm machines on himfjall, it has the most amount of apoc machines. That’s an obvious tip but it’s the best way regardless.


Thanks I actually just got a 5* n9 mag and 3*kvn 89 mag


Ehm… Did you check your storage box? You get a 3* version of each US weapon in it, along with a 3* extended magazine for each of them.

And sorry, you can’t expect to find something by grinding through only 15 Hunters…

I have currently destroyed 10.500 machines, and there are several of the base game weapons I have never found in a 5* version…


From another topic comes this:


In my experience it’s more like;

Proto: 1c / 2c
Military: 2c / 3c
FNIX: 4c / 5c
Apocalypse: 5c / Experimental / Clothing

Rivals also seem to have a chance to spawn items outside of their normal loot.

I.e. I’ve seen a 5c N16 from a lvl 4 Rival Tank.


Yes I figured this out!


With the question answered, this topic has served it’s purpose and i’ll lock it.


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