Health regen outside of combat or at safe houses


I would like it if the players heath would slowly regen when we are outside of combat. or at the very least if we returned to a specific distance of a safe house. ex: right around the beds. what are other player thoughts? Devs, please consider and comment too.

Thank you


I don’t think it’s a huge issue, since there are plenty of medkits around…
Anyway if you want to regen health (solo), you can always go to a safe house, Quit to main menu, and then Continue the game. This will also refresh the instance and respawn machines etc. Of course this will not work in multiplayer, but then there are even more medkits. :+1:


I like your idea. In other games you can interact with the bad and take a nap to regen health.
I would really like to see this feature in gz


I have mixed feelings about this, it somewhat takes away the competitive edge if you can hide and regain your health on the other hand its annoying when you restart a battle after being killed with full health but no ammo yet the mechs start with full health meaning you have nothing to kill them with.
So, if we die then go back to full health why not die and comeback with the original ammo.


Unless you leave the game, the machines shouldn’t go back to full health whenever you die and respawn. They keep their damage and you can come back and try to finish them off


They seem to regain their health when I die.


I don’t think so. When you shoot the machines, they start to glitch and spark (this is most prevalent on Runners). If I’ve died, they still spark when I come back, and can be finished off quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well thats what happens on my game, they regenerate their health


I have noticed with “escorts” like runners escorting harvesters - if you kill the runners but don’t kill the harvester (either because it kills you or something else does), when you respawn at a safe house, the runners will also have respawned at the harvester. At least in solo play.


@Bawson82 and they are just as mean :grinning: