HEDP Rocket Schematic Under Floor (IGA Facility revamped)

This is a bit off-topic but, if you want a tip this is what I do. When out scavenging I never carry more than 1 Adrenaline Shot in my inventory. The game increases the droprates from lootcontainers. When I have five, I dump four of them in the Plundra and continue. They add up over time :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the REDP Round schematic it’s confirmed that it’s bugged :+1:

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I continue being off-topic, just to proof you :wink:

That’s exactly what I do or what I’ve done until Landfall. Worked fine for me. But since Landfall I indeed need more adrenalines in my backpack.
But as I collected about 100 in the last few weeks before the update, it’s ok.

i know the HEDP Round is bugged.

a update happened today, but i dont know if it deals with the HEDP Schematic, but i dont know.

On PC and I can confirm it did not address the HEDP schematic lockout.

I am standing in front of the door now as I type this.

i am too on console.

i know this isn’t the thread for this. did anyone notice the main menu changed?

So this might be the explanation to all the adrenaline I’m finding!
Thanks for this insight Zesiir!

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Yes I saw that after the hotfix the schematics we saw “exposed”, are gone now.

I’m not sure, but I think he meant this:

But you’re right. The little teaser/spoiler in the log now is gone.

I’d like to end all the off-topic here, now.

The topic is about the hedp scematic and there is no other solution than to wait for a hotfix of the scematics in revamped locations.


O haha. No I did not noticed that.

yes i know, but i tend to get impatient sometimes. i am tryin to be patient.

Hi All, i m GZ Fan
Since the Landfall Update you no longer have this schematic and somewhere else this schematic has not been moved to fetch See the pictures.

After patch 1.27 there is still the BUG.

I put a radio in the corner of the house and teleported there, I was in the house and saw the bug.
You can’t get to it, it’s blocked.

Generation Zero_20220218081227

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This is a known and well-reported issue. Please search before you post next time.
I’ve merged the post with the main report tread.


we know this IC Shadowcast. its in the works for a patch/fix.

were all patiently waitin for a patch or fix for this.

There some schematics that are blocked from getting to like the high explosive schematic also the bullet resistant level 2 shirt I hope that this will get fixed in the future

Moved to relevant thread. Please search before you create a topic.


Hey, did anyone notice the HEDP schematic is blocked? :wink:


It was just a joke, wasn’t it?

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