Help me, I can't play the game!

Platform: I played on PC since release with over 125 hours on steam. And I’ve never encountered this problem before.

Description: When I start the game it runs as normal. But when I press continue the screen goes first grey with the loading pentagon in the right corner. But then the screen fades to black and I can’t do anything. I’ve tried turning on my flashlight, shoot, sprint and jump but to no avail. It has been like this for a couple of days. I hoped restarting the game, Steam and my computer would fix the problem but it doesn’t. The multiplayer feature works as normal, I can join someone else’s game just like intended minus my avatar not having any arms or hands.

Just to clarify, I am not hosting a game when the problem occurs, I’m just playing by myself.

Specs: I have a Ryzen 5 2600 processor, an Nvidia 1060 6gb Pheonix, 16gb RAM. I can run the game on the highest graphics without problems.

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Hello, with the arms and hands missing from your model my best conclusion is that this has to do with the Antarctic Jacket bug that was introduced with the Halloween Event. It’s been popping up a lot since then, there are numerous reports about this issue already, with people experiencing similar symptoms.

Check out the main thread, which offers a fix for the issue.

Temporary workaround is to get someone to invite you to their ‘world’ and remove the jacket, as it will work again after that (even with the jacket on), but I’d recommend removing the jacket for now.

A permanent fix for this issue is coming, most likely with the November Update which is due next week.