Help Trophy Fashionista


I need clarification on this trophy.
I have already seen a good number of pages talking about this trophy, but none answered my question.

To be successful, do you need 200 different clothing styles or 200 even similar but different colors?

Hi, just pack all your clothes. I did this and received this prize.

I would love to but I finished the game at 99%, I have all the trophies of the game and the dlc.
It’s boring to play just to find clothes.
But I’m sure I have picked up 200 of them.
I need these characteristics to understand

I believe it’s 200 types of unique clothing.

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With ample answers given to this topic, i’ll lock this, another duplicate topic, about Fashionista.

Next time, do search the forums since chances are good that someone else has asked it before.


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