Help with the hunting rifle challenge

Which weapons would be considered hunting rifle could the s21 or vintoka be considered or no

No. Just meusser or Ă„lgstudsare.


Dang. Well thanks for the help

But did someone succeed with this? I found it impossible. Mission Impossible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m just glad that the FMTEL-Station doesn’t selfdestruct each time, after I read the mission describtion :sweat_smile:

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If you need to kill “something” with “some weapon”, you only need to deliver the killing shot with said weapon.

So you can shoot it down to 5-10% with whatever weapon, and then switch to the required weapon for the final shots only.


That’s smart! Nice tip.


Another tip for “something” with “some weapon” (which many of you probably know already) is don’t use experimental ammo or weapons. If the kill is made using some special effect (lightning, fire, acid etc.), and not the weapon itself, it doesn’t count. So to be sure, stick to standard weapons and ammo.

And a final tip: For some reason, the Volkov (and Voza) does NOT count as a handgun (not for me at least) - only the "base"handguns Möller, Klaucke and Magnus counts for me. However, the PM-71 does count as a machine gun.


And take out prototype machines for said challenge. A prototype tank or hunter don’t take that much effort with a älgstudsare. So archipelago is the place to go. There is always a tank on the border to farmland and hunters are often around the church (dont remember name) in northern part of archipelago.

I’ve done handgun challenge with my N9 without any problem.


That’s how it often looks for me like:


I did I used the shock ammo with it

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I used the experimental magnum combo I made a post about

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The thing with the experimental ammunition or weapons is not quite right. The Klaucke 17 Exp. works with standard ammunition, the KVM 59 Exp. (MG) also works with normal ammunition, if you don’t want to risk anything then just use the standard weapon right from the start ;- )

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Yeah I had to use a mixture of shock and normal to get it to work the second time with the hunting rifle

That never works for I don’t really know why

Exp. Klaucke doesn’t do damage with its experimental effect.

The KVM89, or Kpist also should work, as they don’t do additional damage with their special effects. KVM59 can work, but has high risk that its lightnings do the final damage.

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Yeah, that was the point with the KVM 59. You are all right that experimentals that doesn’t do additional special damage should be safe to use. It was a kind of “rather safe than sorry” tip…

Test your way through - or if in doubt, use normal weapons. :wink::sunglasses:

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That is not exactly correct. Certainly not for some weapons and some assignments.

Could you elaborate? For which assignments isn’t it enough to do the killing shot with the required weapon?

If you’re talking about the assignments with “Complete a base assault mission using only XXX”, this isn’t the missions I’m talking about. Only “Kill X with Y” type assignments.

Kill a tank with a pistol is one that I have found.

Kill a wolf with a melee weapon is another.