Here's something new


Personally I think you guys should add drivable cars even in the tutorial It mentions something about driving and please don’t make it a car make it a off road truck with 4x4 and have it where players can control when to activate it and I say truck because of all the rough terrain and I say add a vehicle since riding a bike is useless

Oh and add more robots something different something that will throw everyone off


Well, few issues here:
Noise: cars and other motorized vehicles make a constant sound, making them an excellent target for machines.
YES, a gun sounds much louder, but it is HARD to point the location where it’s fired from due to the sound being short, plus echo and reverb, which a constant sound does not have as much.

Otherwise: vehicles are bombs.
Well that says it all, I guess.

So imagine, you step into a truck, fire the thing up, as you look up, a billion machines come rolling in, shooting…
While it only takes ONE good shot to set the car off into a massive fireball.

On the FUN side, imagine your stuck in a house with a few friends.
Outside, this really gorgeous truck with big foot wheels 'n’all, and you get a poor schmuck crazy enough to make a diversion with that damn nice shiny truck…
Always good for a laugh.


@TheDoctor “Something different” like what ? Daleks?