Himfjäll Vacation photos

Hello. I have a challenge saying i need to collect all 5 vacation photos on Himfjäll. I checked videos on youtube where to find it, but couldnt find it. Also i complete everything on 100% with weapons, collectables etc on the Himfjäll Island, but still it say i only have 2/5 vacation photos.

One video i watch, i see the persons map, that there was some more buildings than my map, and other place he has less buildings, even i have many of the upgrades to the game

Are you sure you aren’t just missing some of the photos?

If not, then the challenge is softlocked and there’s nothing you can do about it other than starting a new save and trying again.

Ever since I played with an alt character my challenges, collectibles are all over the place, no idea why this happens, however it tells me I have 2/3 when I have 3, at certain locations and they still physically spawn again!
It’s a very annoying bug if your still collecting no idea when this is fixed!

Playing on Series X :exploding_head:

I have search every buildings and around the buildings with no luck. But i have not search out all the forest on the island, when it will take too much time

DLC collectibles have always had tracking issues, at least for me. If you 100% know you collected then as Vlad said earlier, its softlocked unless you feel like replaying the full game and doing it in 1 sitting.


I was lucky to find all the vacation photos. The video i watch show there was more than 5 photos to find, so i may try them one after one, and at last found the 3 last photos, even i only should find 5

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So, in fact, you’re saying that it’s pure luck etc. that one can find a/one or all collectables?
To me that’s again the folder ‘frustration’ :upside_down_face:

In this way a player stays in his comfort zone and stops exploring cq ‘building the game’.
A serious problem, it seems. A player should find everything the game offers.

You can find them all.
But there may be issues for tracking them on the map or the log screen.

Well I got 3/5 vacation photo’s. Memories of the Forgotten.

2 I found myself, 1 via YouTube. For the remaining 2 photo’s I don’t have a source of a clue.
I can’t be that your eye by luck has to fall on an item etc. So that’s my problem.

And this isn’t just for the vacation photo’s, but also Survivors’ notes/Love Letters.
Also for example the safe houses; I just need one:

What am I missing? Is there info somewhere to find all these things?

Check here: Don’t forget to click to open the hidden list.

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Thanks Gysbert. It seems to be: 6 Stenudden lighthouse.
Checked my map and … I already found this one. It’s not the lighthouse, it’s a garage, but called Stenudden Lighthouse. Closeby there’s a lighthouse and I found 2 weapons and a collectable (some schematic, I believe - which one isn’t clear).
On 6 there’s still nothing filled in. I’ll have to check the whole list to find out which one is missing.
2 and 3 are vice versa on my list.

But that’s what I mean: now I have to search on YT if anyone has a hint where to look for this.

Please understand me well: I don’t need to have pinpoint everything exactly, but a player should be helped with sóme info to find these things, items etc.

Also the 4 remaining side missions from the FNIX Rising expansion.
Nowhere to be found. What does one need to make them visible etc.

Checked the list: everything is correct, except for the lighthouse location on 6.
I díd found that one some time ago:

Nah, and back to that garage safe house and nów there’s that collectable to be found.

If it was meant to first go to the real Lighthouse and thén to the safehouse, to find this… that’s a bit too far i.m.h.o.

Well, these are Safehouse photos, so it stands to reason that we check only the safehouses. Safehouses are located at various locations, like garages, bunkers, containers, huts, caves, lighthouses, etc, and are often named after a prominent building or area / town.

I know, but chronologically I meant.