HJÄLP! I want to help *Spoiler request*


Between Österhällen og Österhällen Marin you’ll find a circular bunker.


Somebody has “cried” for help here:

On top of the bunker you’ll find a tent and a makeshift barricade, but at the base there is a locked door with a red lamp above it. Is this part of mission? Can we even get in there?


There is no one on top, so I think that HJÄLP! came :yum:

Also if he/she/they could get inside there wouldn’t be a camp on top.


Yes, that makes kind of sense, but … if I needed help, I probably would write the text close to where I was, which in that case would at the top of the bunker. What puzzles me is, that the text is next to the door :thinking:


maybe in the future we will be able to get in.


It does look like the kind of door that’s usually openable, I’ve also walked past wondering if there’s something behind it. For now, it’s another mystery :slight_smile:


Your title clearly drew more attention. :wink:


Oh, another example of plagiarism from my side :wink:


What are to coords here? Sorry, just wondering. :slight_smile:


It is on Himfjäll, the very eastern side close to the shore.


South of the harbor facilities. You can’t miss it.