Host disconnected message when playing SP & MP

I encountered that problem somewhat often during the extended sessions the last days.
Somewhat annoying when you’re finished with some enemies and the game boots you back to the menu and your loot is gone… meh

Btw is there any way to set up a “real” singleplayer game ? Except setting the game to invite only !?

Edit/P.S.: Steam showed no disconnects during that behaviour. At least nothing I noticed


Happens to me daily, even when I AM THE HOST!
Even when i am playing alone when everyone else has left…

One of the most promenent bugs I encounter.

This has been happening to me and my brother since we bought the game months ago. Doesn’t matter who hosts or what kind of system you have. Always a random disconnect any given time. Hes got an Alienware 17 and I have no issues with no other games as he doesn’t either. Im sad to not see any multiplayer connection issues on the to fix bug list.

Platform: PC
Host or Client: Host, game set to invite only.
Players in your game: 1

I am consistantly having issues being disconnected from Steam through the game causing me to be kicked from the game when playing multiplayer.

This happens every 10/15 mins after i log in.

i play other games on steam however i dont get disconnected from that.

Host disconnected message could mean two things:

  1. Host quited the game
  2. Host game has crashed.

nah its says ive been disconnected from Steam. Even says it when im in single player as well.
i know when the host guits the game. But ive been kicked of games and went right back in with the same players. Ive then asked if they have been kicked out and they said they havent.

i get kicked out so many times its unreal

internet problem

Same issue topics merged.