Hotfix announced - mid of september


Awesome and thank you! My main issue with bugs right now is that when I take down a very large machine and attempt to loot it, I get nothing. Like i hold down the button for my prizes, but no screen comes up. So I’ll just start playing it again after the hot hot hotfix is available.

You probably know this but you have to be a certain distance from the thing to loot it, and it can be finicky. So if you are not getting the prompt then step back from the corpse and you should see it. A few times I have had to go back and forth a few times to get the prompt.


Thanks, but that’s not it. Cuz after I do everything right and there is no loot I can’t access it again. Also when I go up to a backpack or suitcase the colors of said object are turning different colors. When that happens I know I can’t access those things.

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Ya that sounds like something crappy that I haven’t run across, thank goodness.

I know what you mean.
I sometimes had this color changing of backpacks in Hagaboda when the game was on a really bad state (unstable).

For me it always was a sign of nearby gnomes.

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Interesting. Then I’ll start exploring when I find those disco backpacks!

Well, if you create a new character or have another character you can still play the game. I had an engineer speccedcharacter that I could load and continue playing and leveling. You just have to stay away from the route the Truck will take in “Clearing the Way” Which unfortunately means from the start of the run to the end of the south coast.

The crashing is becoming very annoying and is starting to happen all over the map.

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I just can tell, that without any fnix bases there are no more crashes. At least for me on PS5.
But of course that’s just a workaround.

PC here and before the update almost zero crashes and now it is every day, today being one of the few times it crashed while I was playing solo. And I got a frozen screen and when I hit Alt Tab delete it was the normal Gen Zero report a problem screen.

I like playing co-op and it is very annoying that you get 3 other players and start running around destroying machines and you just crash, and crash and crash.

Fnix bases are destroyed as soon as they appear. I can say that I have ZERO!

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Wow, can’t believe that actually worked! I was on the “clearing the path” mission and the game started crashing every time i tried to start the “follow Calle’s truck” part… Today for no reason i decided to just spin up a new character, that of course worked fine. but when i tried to launch into my problem character again, now its working!!! at least has not crashed yet. Try it. Hopefully this helps someone else.


Yeah my version on the PS4 has been very smooth lately. I’m still unable to get items from fallen rivals after I click and hold on them, but besides that it’s been very fun!

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My game has not been crashing the last few days either and been playing a lot of co-op and solo.

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Mine too.
But I destroyed every single fnix base as soon as they appeared.


I stop whatever I am doing, fighting a reaper or whatever, and get to the base ASAP. I always get abnormal beeps and noises as I get closer. I spot the gen station and take them out, not bothering to hit anything else. Then go straight for the control tower.

Even after this bug is corrected, I will continue to destroy them in this way and continue to play the game the way I have been doing before the game was switched to a base building/defense game.

I have also lost any hope that it is going back to the great unique game it WAS and will continue converting to a lot of base building games that are already out there.

I currently have 27 level 3 FNIX bases (20 Farmlands, 7 Forest, with a base at the original homebase) so it’s safe to say that my Xbox save is a mess.

The weirdest stuff happens all the time, gnomes wherever I go, rockets rarely connect with enemies or the scenery, constant fireworks / airstrikes at control points (regardless of status), no HUD most of the time and it crashes at the drop off a hat (or a fast travel).

I certainly look forward to testing the hotfix when it arrives.

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UPDATE: I’m back in the game but now its just crashing randomly all the time.

A hotfix should arrive soon, maybe even this week.

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If it took such a short amount of time to fix the issues, then why did they release the update broken in the first place?

The devs have a serious problem with rushing things. One would think all these years of making the same errors over and over and over again, they would learn from their ways.