How do you save?


The game makes no mention of how it saves and I can’t figure out anything with the safehouse as to how to save and saw in other posts people losing their characters when exiting the game. P.S after a couple hours of playing it am looking forward to the actual release very much so.


It has an automatic save system. There should be a screen before the Avalanche Studios logo during the game startup.


Thanks a million! I saw this post earlier and it made me paranoid so I wasn’t sure if there was anything else that needed done. How to save the game | Game didn’t save


i played earlier today and now when i cameback to the game it hasnt saved, and i have to start a new game


Also bit worried that I might lose my progress if I close the game now. I’ve been to multiple safe houses, but no indication what so ever about saved progress…


@Coyotezilla thanks for taging me here so i can see if other peaople have the same issue as me. But sadly i have to report that my second caracter didn’t get saved aswell. I have looked for a bed or an Alarm clock to interact wiht but found nothing in the save houses.


Stopped playing now after getting to the farm, went back in and was still att farm with all my stuff so seems to work for me…


It autosaves when you unlock a safe house. I unlocked a safe house and saved my progress when I went back to the menu screen it I could click continue and it would take me back to the last safe house I was at but when I exit the game and come back all my progress is gone and it only has the option for me to start a new game.
I don’t know what to do I can’t keep playing the same thing over and over again I think I’ll just give up great game though.


same here I give up already started a new 2 times not going to do it again especially since i got so many kills and loot dont want to repeat again.


I always fast travel in the map back to a safehouse and then log out. never had an issue with this method.


I tried the fast travel but it didn’t save, lost all my progress a couple of times now.


I have logged down 6 hours so far with a mate of mine. And the game just refuses to save my unlocked safe houses. i have unlocked 3 in a row, and didnt have any afterwards. all equipment and charatcher and skills are saved. but having to re run all of that, and do everything again is a break point.

Wonderful game overall, you just need to fix these last game breaking points of a coop game.

Also, both my mate and i sitting on lan 300/300 and still have a terrible desync is not cool. just on a side node


Samer issues. The game wont keep my former gameplay at all.
Each time i restart the game i have to remake a char and start from scratch.
Very enoying


I fast travel to an unlocked safe house before exiting the game and I haven’t faced any problem related to lost progress. Hope this help!


The safehouse save is fine but there are significant gaps between safe houses so the travel time is a tad annoying. More frequent save points would be appreciated.

Also just went in to the same safehouse, the barn, need to kill the same 4 dogs each time, then went to the next house, killed a dog, grabbed some stuff, went back to the safehouse, quit, logged back in, nothing was saved after the initial log in. I’m getting tired of killing the save dogs over and over. Yesterday I had over an hour in, died, and lost the whole trip.

This is my only complaint about the beta.


Update - Going from the barn save location back to the church saves at the church. There seems to be a bug with saving more than once at the barn.


Was your friend hosting or were you? If you were playing and your friend was hosting, your character would save all their stuff but once you get into your game, you would be at the start (if you hadn’t progressed in your world yet)


I have played now an i like the game very much, but when I started it today so have all my game progress been deleted, and when I start over and then quit, so deletes it that time to! Hate it when it is such a good game overall


I agree. more saves or even a save hotkey would be good.

Every time I go back to a safehouse all the bots I killed are back and I have to fight through them again to get to where I was at.


Save game system definitely needs improving Every time I log on i have to kill the same machines again and it is so annoying and a locker in a safe house to keep your gear in wont go amiss either