How many of you would like to see new recoiless rifles

How many of you would like to see other recoiless weapons in generation zero

None, i want instead some type of Rocket Launcher that destroys Tanks with 4 shots.
If they ever put one, make sure that the ammo is rare to keep balance.

you have a hold breath button , and also skills tree

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I want the 66mm. The load/prepare to fire animation would be soooo cool. Two in a slot, like mines - and similar force. For those who don’t know, a 66mm is a one-shot disposable anti-tank weapon. You take out two pins, pull it apart from each end (so it telescopes to the right length), at which point the sights flip up, and then you pull the safety catch away from you to arm it, and on the top there is a rubber button that you press to fire.

Yes, it looks cool, but how does it significantly differ from the Granatgevär?

It’s a fifth the size and weight. It ought to be where the 84mm is now, and the 84 increased to death-kill…

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The 66mm M72 LAW was never used by Sweden. We used 74mm Pansarskott m/68 (Miniman) and replaced it with 84mm Pansarskott m/86 (AT4). They were in service at the same time during the 80s/90s until there was enough AT4s. But before them in the late 40s we used a pirated copy of the german panzerfaust. I’m not sure but I think the last of them was taken out of storage and destroyed in the 90s.

And I would like for the AT4 to be in the game. They were issued in great numbers due to low cost compared to the Carl Gustaf.


I’ve always wanted the AT4 in the game as well. My idea was to have it do more damage, maybe fire special purpose rounds, like armor-piercing, and balance it out by the weapon being a disposable single-shot.


I for one, well, you all know my point of view…
Fix bugs first, fix machine AI (thus balance) first, implement new payed DLC (thus content) (to support Avalanche in their MASSIVE costs), and then maybe… NO!!!

LOL, jk, then yes, sure, why not. :wink:
I would personally see different things implemented, like new machines (my new Boss! lol)…
We’ll see where it swims too… :smiley:

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