How many safe houses are there?

I’ll count them then. Thanks for informing me! :slight_smile:


According to my stat and my counting, it’s 93 safehouses.

@IanForce said 101? Or 91 safehouses besides 2 more safehouses from inaccessible island is about right?


Afaik it’s 91 (+2)

At least for now or until someone states otherwise… :wink:


Nice and clean map for you all :slight_smile:


Sweet thank you so very much!


I’m pretty sure it is 91 (2*) safe houses.


That’s great. :+1: I have 71, any chance of you posting a pic of the map?

Here are all safehouses i screenshotted from my own game (have all safehouses unlocked).
(Don’t mind the black/red dots.)

Edit: Added safehouse counters to regions and there are total of 99 safehouses.

Archipelago (10)

Farmlands (18)
(one safehouse in the Southern part isn’t visible here but is visible on Archipelago map)
(two safehouses in the Northern part aren’t visible here but are visible on Marshlands/ North Coast maps)

Forest (11)
(one safehouse in the Northern part isn’t visible here but is visible on North Coast map)

South Coast (19)

Mountains (10)

Marshlands (11)

North Coast (11)

Himfjäll (9)


Findind all safehouses… actually would be on the list of us ‘’ hardcore gen players’’ jus sayin


I’ll inbox you mate, I had to get to the laptop to find the picture

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Aw great. Thanks Aesyle.

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It isn’t a list. It’s just a pic of map.
What i have above is a list.

Also, by the looks of it, you’re missing 3 safehouses in South Coast and 1 safehouse in Mountains.

In total, there are 90 safehouses in base map, 9 safehouses from Alpine Unrest DLC and 1 extra safehouse from FNIX Rising DLC (in Ringfort), making overall total 100 safehouses.

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There was 102 safehouses… but since it don’t meet your expectations I guess is best to simply delete it.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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You said on several occasions that the stats are wonky - I got 91 unlocked safehouses in the vanilla game and I don’t own any story DLC. Is there any way to figure out what’s going on?

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GZbugs, If you compare each of your regions number of safehouses, with Aesle’s numbers, you can find out if you actually have one more on the map, or if the stats are indeed wonky. I am curious for the result. Would be nice to know if there is another safehouse that we missed.

I screenshotted and counted them - as far as I can tell, I’m one over the count because I’m still on the old (April) version and the starting location still counts as a safehouse. At least that’s the one difference I found immediately.

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I found the one you have that I don’t. I going there now.
Edit: Yes I have 101 safehouses now.


It’s the Hastik farm 467, 3649.

So perhaps Kanon was right about the 102 and maybe there are even more.


I will look into this tonight.

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Yay! I’m helping! :relieved:
(Just kidding, glad I wasn’t being stupid again.)


If you play in MP, then unlocking safehouses there also count towards your overall stats.

For example, here are my latest stats:

Screenshot (click here to view)

There is no way on earth that GZ has 1300+ safehouses in it.

Only safehouse which is missing from my list is the one at Ringfort (Farmlands) since i screenshotted my game before June '20 update and FNIX Rising DLC.

Folks, rather than looking from the stats (since those include MP gameplay as well), count the actual safehouse icons you see on your map for accurate amount. That’s what i did with my list above.

Also, it helps to count safehouses by region for more accurate total. So far, i’ve found:
Archipelago - 10
Farmlands - 18 (19 with FNIX Rising DLC)
Forest - 11
South Coast - 19
Mountains - 10
Marshlands - 11
North Coast - 11
Himfjäll - 9 (Alpine Unrest DLC)

Base game: 90
With Alpine Unrest: 99
With FNIX Rising: 91
With Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising: 100

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