How to defend against tanks?

I mostly avoid those machines because I simply don’t know how to deal with them.
Most whenever I couldn’t avoid fighting one I hid behind cover and gave off a few shots whenever I deemed it safe.
But that is kind of boring and only works if there’s cover and only one tank.

I’ve seen videos where players, for example Tenebris Infinite ran around in an open field, taking on three FNIX tanks at once, almost dancing with them.

When I try something like that with one prototype, I get blasted to pieces no matter which direction I try to dodge.

Has anyone an idea what I’m doing wrong ?:sweat_smile:

Practice! :smiley: And get high quality weapons (5 or 6 star).

One of the tricks Tene uses is to stay behind them. If you can run in their heels, you can actually stay out of their fire. However, their melee/gas attack was buffed, so it’s not so easy anymore.
Also, practice shooting off their weapons and tick pod.

In the beginning I didn’t take on tanks either. Then slowly, try to take on a prototype, then military and finally FNIX. You’ll get more comfortable with it as you get experience. :+1::sunglasses:

Also, there’s a number of threads on Tank tactics - I’ll try and find the links.

It is not hard taking them down at all. You either snipe their weapons off when you are beyond their range (takes much patience), or use some type of cover that only a small portion of their body is exposed. If you can’t see their weapons, they can’t shot at you. The exception is with their missiles which have a large splash radius. If you stick your head out to shot them between their weapons cycling and hide again, those missiles will hit whatever it is you are using for hiding, and the splash damage will get you.

They are big enough where only a small portion of them will show and not their weapons.

You are in a trench with the Tank above you, and all see are the tops of its legs. Keep shooting at those legs!

You are around the corner of a building, and all you see is the Tank’s left leg. Shot that left leg with all your ammo!

This is obviously harder in an open field which I usually resort to just blasting their weapons off. But this terrain usually has enough relief differences in it to find good spots.

Disabling their missile pod should be priority. Without the ability to do splash damage with a huge volley of rockets, Tanks are easier to fight on a more even level. I usually snipe it off from a distance with a suitable scoped rifle.


Tip #1: Use 6* PVG90. If you don’t have it, get it.
Tip #2: Shoot off their tick pods and weapons first!

After that, just fire away at where ever the blue sparks fly! :wink:

Is a rocket launcher good at disabling weapons ?

Ok, thank you.
What weapons would you recommend against them ?

No. It’s not that useful against tanks, unless used with EMP grenades IMO - see below.

5 star rifle (any) w. 6x or 8x scope for removing weapons and tick pods.
M-49 Grenade launcher w. EMP grenades to “stun” him for some extra time to shoot off weapons.
5 or 6 star AG-4, Kpist or KVM-59 to blast away.

Or if you want to go into “cheat” mode: Experimental PVG. But seriously, it’s not even fun! :wink:

i think the best way to kill tanks is to have the right weapons with the right skill set for instance if you were gonna dance with multiple tanks you prob want vanguard stamina health gun waver etc

What would you say is it useful against ?

apoco hunters or FNIX hunters i would say deals with them easy instead of doing some damage to tanks and harvs

HEDP rounds - best used against groups of machines (e.g runner/hunter packs) due to large area of effect it has.

It does get the job done, eventually, when fired at harv/tank but it being HEDP (high explosive) and not HEAT (armor piercing), it struggles with armor penetration and you’ll need quite a lot HEDP rounds.


My main tactic when dealing with harv/tank. Since as long as it can’t see you directly, it won’t fire at you.

With that tactic, it doesn’t matter which weapon i use. E.g i’ve even used only Klaucke to take down FNIX harvs/tanks when i need to spend the 700+ 9mm pistol ammo, which i don’t want to just drop to the ground.

I’d say that the Granatgevär m/49 is very useful against tanks, if you get close to them.

  1. Get close
  2. Use EMP round in the m/49
  3. While the tank is down (just a couple of seconds) shoot the rocket pod of
  4. Repeat with the railgun OR back of and snipe the railgun
  5. Just blast away with what ever weapon you are carrying while staying away from it’s close range attacks (gas and concussion)
  6. Profit
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If you don’t have a railgun, remember that just like IRL, the m/49 works great with regular HEDP rounds as long as you hit the target in a weak section, like from behind, or the sides. Or even from above. Even with a dilapidated one star Granatgevär it’ll still inflict heavy damage.

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Sorry, I meant that you should demolish the rail gun on the tank :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way works :smile:

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Exactly! I cycle through all my ammo. Hoard the ammo you don’t normally use, then use it when you run out of the ammo that you DO normally use. Almost ever weapon has it’s own usefulness.

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place six flares around tanks at night, it greatly confuses them, Also While in battle sticky flares on a tank short it out and cause other machines to kill them quicker.

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Not everyone has one, but using the experimental pistol does the same job and you get 2 or 3 more seconds because loading is faster.