How to improve GZ as a FPS - Problem 1- Mouse sens in Scopes

Comparing id Tech 7 engine (Doom:Eternal) to Apex engine (Generation Zero) is like comparing orange to apple.

id Tech 7 engine is designed specifically for fast-paced FPS games. Apex engine is designed for seamless open-world games. There’s a huge difference between the two.

Open world or not, proper input handling is a must, no matter what engine. And if Apex can’t handle fast paced FPS gameplay, well, then they better don’t release updates anymore like the April one. Unfortunately I can’t talk it out with the hordes of bots the program now spawns. So all I can do is hide or take them out - fast-paced FPS-like.

In the live stream Paul said that they’ve discussed about this topic but gave it a lower priority. On the one hand that’s sad because it will not improved very soon. Probably because it is only an issue on PC and there are some more important things that influences all platformes like AI changes/fixes. I can understand that reason.
On the other it is good because they heard us and I’m very happy that Paul said that they will work on it later and not that they dont want to do that.
So I guess we have to be patient and wait for it.
Thanks for the support guys.


@Dantec: Well, it’s on the dev’s radar and that is for sure a good thing. We may fall into an unfortunate timeslot, as patch, DLC and holidays are around the corner and Corona is still looming over companies and productivity in general.

I am willing to wait, there’s no rush, I play AK, KPist and PVG only and only the latter one needs a scope. Still, I am also willing to buy a DLC for EUR 8,–, that’s good work for a very fair price. But I’d pay them EUR 20,-- for a patch so I don’t have to press 80% of the keys for fire and weapon swapping twice because it didn’t register in the first place. If the devs then - some day, oh happy day! - update the code in a way that it reflects the realitiy that neck muscles don’t turn slower when a zoom-factor is low … all the better :slight_smile:

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Actually the way it currently works is more realistic and unrealistic at the same time. Let me explain:
Unrealistic is what you described. The body motion is not the same when you compare motion in hip fire position with the motioin in iron sight position. So in low magifications it is unrealistic

Theoretical realistic is the behaviour in higher magnifications like 8-12x or 12-16x.
What other games like BF do is theoreticly not realistic because a slight motion of your body would cause a large motion in the scope. Therefore you not shoot with those scopes while you stand up and hold the gun in your hands. You would try to knee down and support your ellbow or find a sad bag wall that supports the gun. Or of cause go prone.
So the current system is more realistic but very uncomfortable to use in a video game. It would fit good in a simulation game like arma or probably hunter. But in GZ a more comfortable system like I described above woult fit mutch better.

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When Shooting almost every gun, but mainly shotguns and machine guns. The gun occasionally recoils straight up, pointing toward the sky. Aim assist gets stuck on dead bots, ADS sensitivity is very low, looking left to right while aiming is very slow.


That recoil issue happens on pc too … thought i dont think its a recoil because while it happens often but not always it seems always to happen only on the first shoot from full auto as an example while the following shoots in auto mode have normal recoil


To me it seems it’s a “feature” from the aimbotting that you need on console. I’ve seen it happen in other games as well and it has always been due to the game thinks you have a controller.

Solution: Don’t support hand controllers.

I appreciate the separation of sensitivity settings for looking around versus aiming, but I feel it would be much better if we could adjust the sensitivity settings per scope/magnification level.

A slider in the game settings for each zoom level like they do in PUBG/Escape From Tarkov would be awesome. 1x, 4x, 8x, etc.

Setting the sensitivity for aiming makes some way to sensitive and others way to slow the way it’s currently set up. More customization never hurts :wink:


There are quite a few games that do that as well, which for this game would be great since i like to have my looking speed faster then my aiming speed (and more so at higher levels of zoom)

Would love to see them do this even if its just 3 different zoom levels (one for looking, one for ADS, and one for Scope/optics)

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Agreed. Yeah, even those three would be better. Personally I’d love it, if it was just those three, for the A-COG to be set to the sensitivity of ADS because zoomed in really far I’d probably set the sensitivity a lot lower.

one of the things can frustrate me is how inconsistent mouse aiming is. if i have fast ads, high powered scopes and ironsights just flyes away, if i have low ads sensitivity, I have to move my mouse at insane distance to keep up with 4,8 powerd scopes or RedDot sight (somehow called AGOC lmao).
i think aiming should be consistent on every scope.
by consistant im not saying same mouse movement gives same rotation angle, that would be ridiculus. what im trying to say is when zoomed in, whatever magnification you have same mouse movement should correspond same visual 5cm mouse movement = 50pixel or 5cm on my screen.
like rainbow six siege.
if the devs struggle with technical difficulities maybe give a option to customize every scope sensitivity in game seperatly like battelfield games.
and also raw mouse input is very welcome, an option to disable auto aim is also neccesary.


Yes, thats exaclty what annoys me too. I always think about it when I take the binoculars and move while in lowest magnification and compare it to how fast it moves when in highes magnification.
I also thought about the system in Battlefield 5 where you can set different mouse sensivities for each zoom level. Devs, I hope you can do that or something similar.

Xbox One S

A few people I’ve played with have noticed the same issue with the low zoom scopes. I have a aim sensitivity of 8 on console, which is pretty fast with iron sights, but when I attach a ACOG or 1-4x rifle scope, the aim sens drops to like a 1 or 2. It is sooo slow that I can’t even use them. With the 1-4x it works ok if you full zoom, but 1-3x zoom with it is still really slow. I’ve had to just drop them cause they were using up space and I couldn’t use them anyway. I only use the 4-8x or iron sights because of it. Maybe a separate sensitivity setting across all the different scopes would help.


Hello! I can see that you have made an bug report about the acog scope. I am not sure bcuz i havent played that much but im pretty sure thats an upgrade in the ”skilltree”, im not sure… If else i think thats an easy fix for the devs! + im playing on PC so that may be different from Xbox!

You think the sensitivity of the scope is an upgrade? I can’t see that being the case here… like it actually moves at the lowest possible sensitivity when equipped, compared to my normal ADS sensitivity which is almost maxed out.

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The skill in question is to raise a weapon to aim faster. It’s not the same thing at all. I too want this fixed. It’s like that with all scopes, but less noticeable when you have high magnification. The ACOG and the 1-4x scope both have this “feature” and it’s terrible.


Absolutely. I want to use the ACOG but I just can’t…

I can bear the ACOG but the 1-4 scope is way too slow.

The skill is to do with how fast you ADS, not the sensitivity of ADS