How to kill a hunter with one shot?


I have tried a 50 cal to the back of a hunter, even a 5 crown rocket, yet I can never kill one in one shot, I have tried this with prototype hunters as they should be the weakest, yet none go down in one shot. Any of you know what gun to use and where to shoot?


Hit it where it hurts the most (with the correct type of highest level of pimped up weapon and attachments).

Good luck!


I did it an hour ago with a hunters rifle


Where did you aim? What type of Hunter?


The hunter was facing me the shot was a monicle shape top of the machine right side 1 shot got a trophy.


You should take a picture of a hunter and circle where you’re talking about.


Which hunters rifle did you use and the type of ammo, thanks for the info


I’ve just got it… I’ve find an Hunter with 78%condition, (know it with scopes and the perk)
Just shoot it in the Back with the. 50 caliber,I’ve not used the pierced armor ammo but the other (I don’t know the english name but it do more damage to weak point)
and i have the perk commando, I do more damage when i begin the fight


No probs i dont have a pic sorry and tbh im not sure the same place hit may work every time.I also caught the hunter off guard i used a 3 star hunter rifle cant rem the name but its the more powerful one in description wich begins with letter a and i had a silencer.This is why im saying it may not work every time lol not the top notch of gun spec but i got it.


Hunters can go down with a single rocket as I managed one last night.

Dunno which version of hunter though, got no single shot credit for it though.


4 star sniper with correct ammo should do it, also having correct skills in skill tree ?


i killed 5 hunters at once with one barrel and got the trophy.

just shot the red gas can killed them got trophy, easy


I’ll try the gas canister and lure, hope it works.


Oil barrels aren’t working for me


i got it by shooting the car it was next too, didn’t have to blow up the car with one hit for it to count


I just fully sprayed a car and blew it up together with a prototype Hunter, no trophy. What am I doing wrong?

I have:

  1. Shot the red tank on the back of prototype hunter with .50 cal 4star. Only takes 40% hp

  2. Killed with red oil canister

  3. Killed with white oil canister

  4. Killed with RPG

  5. Shot red tank on back with 5star Meusser hunt rifle and soft point ammo



I tried it with a gas canister that you can equipped with, then threw a radio lure down, backed up about 50meters, radio played that funky music, 3 protohunters came to that spot, shot the canister and all three died, git the achievement an am now a happy camper. Thanks guys for all the advice.


I just hit one up the face with the recoilless rifle and he died and the achievement popped up.

Mind you I also got the assist achievement when a damaged Hunter blew himself up


I Got ONE SHOT Trophy by shooting a car next to hunter with shotgun , done deal :sunglasses:


Got the trophy yesterday, thanks guys :slight_smile: