How to transfer save game data from steam to xbox game pass pc?

My friends wanna play on gamepass because both of them have xbox, I saw there is a way to transfer xbox game pass to steam so I was just wondering if there was a way it could work the other way around.

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To my knowledge there is no way to do this, plus crossplay is broken right now because MS Store PC/Gamepass PC have an unfished future update.

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I know, it’s not the topic to talk about that, but actually I’m wondering why the devs tolerate this situation.

If there is an unfinished update which has been rolled out just for one system, why don’t they roll back and release the correct update? That should be the normal procedure. Another way could be a fix to finish the unfinished update, but that doesn’t solve the crossplay-problem. Additionally I wonder why there is no communication about that, no estimated date of fixing it, nothing.

I’m sorry to say that, but that sounds like poor management or some greater problems within or between the teams. And no, I don’t mean technical problems.

Everything you just read continuesly are the adverts for the newest dlc or the announcements of the weekly streams.

A roadmap for the second half of 2022 would be nice, too… It’s close now, but no one knows how it’s going on.

So: What’s going on?


It’s the beginning of the end…


Rolling back wouldn’t necessarily work, though granted it would stop more people being affected.

The issue preventing this is likely due to the fact that there is a difference in world data and save files. If they roll back the game update then people’s local & cloud saves would no longer work as their save is for the newer version.

They’d likely lose everything.

Thing is, it’s not the first time we’ve had poor quality control, it’s not even the first time in recent months. At least twice this year we’ve had a post-update hot fix to remove stuff accidentally included in an update.

Oh of course, that’s an important reason. Got it. Really sad. Could it be an option (for the future) to split the safe files?

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To solve the issue of destroying save files, instead of undoing the update couldn’t they just release a new ‘update’ that just removes all the new stuff? Then their world and save file would both be on this newer version and nothing would get erased.

Or would that not work?

Yup. I suspect / hope that is exactly what they are doing. At least that’s how I’d approach it.

Previous hot fixes were quicker though, so it may be that rather than risking losing work they’re part way through (their method of ‘version control’ seems suspect at best) they may be opting to finish off the bits that were nearly complete before releasing a fix.

Not sure I like the idea of a rushed ‘fix’ but making people wait with a broken product seems equally poor.

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When did the unfished release go live, have we heard any updates on fixes?

Unfinished update went live when base assault gotfix went live for cobsole versions of the game, including MS Store PC and PC Gamepass since both are Xbox, around maybe 2 weeks ago i think. We only know they are working on it.