Humorous incidents

I feel like I’m the only one here who doesn’t like eggnog.

You are not alone…

Hey, it is called “acting”. I’ve never tasted eggnog.

I call this one “Easy Peasy” F. Forward to 2:20

My walkthrough of “The Old Guard”

That’s what I forgot to buy! I knew I needed some lemonade for something! Eggnog. Got some in the cupboard and was determined to have it this evening. Forgot the lemonade.

And works better than flares for Hunters, too. They go mad for it…

I’ve just been drinking Kombucha for the entire month so far. It has alcohol in it and it’s very good for you. :slight_smile:

The reason I started drinking it is because apparently my anti-bodies are very low. Damn auto-immune!

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I don’t even know what that is. Talisker I know, and I’ve got a bottle of that too. I think that’s good for you! It’ll certainly be good for me tonight…

It’s a fermented drink that was developed first by the Japanese and eventually made it to Canada and America, where there is now Kombucha breweries across the country.

And doctors over here (well at least mine) recommenced it for Probiotic purposes, as it’s more effective at delivering good bacteria to your system than say yogurt or pills. Very low alcohol content as well, so you can give it to children without getting arrested, and it doesn’t impact their brain development.

I know this because my parents made me drink it and now I’m in Uni, so it must’ve done something right. :wink:

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Talisker has lots of good bacteria, but they could none of them resist drinking it and they all died.

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That is one of my favorites, actually.

Talisker is fine if you’ve run out of fags, tar, and sea water. And then you get the alcohol as a bonus. Hey, this thread is deliberately being derailed and not by an authorised source (me)! @Zesiir posted a cool picture, @Flick started up some serious litterature, I made an attempt to carry it on! Now, we have someone here studying movie scripting, a freelance author and lead singer, and several with a cool names who don’t like eggnog. Don’t tell me that non of you guys are up to writing the next paragraph of @Flick’s story!

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Who is this? Sorry just wondering. :wink:

That’s like my dream job.

Well, this is your chance, young man :wink:

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I doubt my parents would be happy if I finished Uni for architecture and then pissed off to Toronto to study film. :slight_smile:

I might give it a go though, got a scholarship for Dalhousie, so it didn’t cost me too much.

I’ll probably work for an architecture firm for a bit to save up for the film school, and if it doesn’t work out at least I have a profession to come back to. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Now you listen to this old and bitter fart, @Simulacrum_Protogen! I wanted to be a rockstar just like @Bootie. The whole sex, drugs, and Rock’n’Roll package! But I wanted something to fall back on too. So I became an engineer. No sex! No drugs! And absolutely no Rock’n’Roll! I wanted to play the drums, though. The harp is a bit too much Vollenweider for my taste

Next paragraph! We’re all waiting … :wink:

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And did you? I can always use a drummer.

Oh, and my beloved girlfriend fell in love with me during the harmonica solo of “Hey Joe” at the first gig of ours she attended, so I got at least one groupie, and frankly, if they are as spectacular as her, one is all you need… :sunglasses:


I played the classical piano from six to sixteen, then the church organ for another few years. Signed up for Polytechnics and my mother never talked to me again. I was … well … mature when I took up drumming, but never got beyond mediocre.

Story, fellow posters, story!

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Well, now young man, you have a choice. @IanForce has chosen the sensible path and is an engineer. I have done the whole thing with no safety net of any description at any time. I’ve been a soldier, a writer, an author, a cowboy, a marketing consultant, a lorry driver, a painter, a builder, a blues musician and now a Social Worker (sort of).

I wonder who’s had more fun, eh?


Keyboards! Come and play keyboards. That’ll work. Larry is always talking about getting a keyboards player. I used to get a second guitarist, but he doesn’t really want one, but does want ao keyboards player - you’re in…