Humorous incidents

Sigh … if only … but I’m getting too old for sex and drugs, and I’ve grown too fond of system requirement specifications to trade it in for Rock’n’Roll. But thanks for the offer, really appreciate that. In my next life …

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No, no, not at all! We have a tour (well, we have two) each one of about two weeks. We all live at my house, rehearse in the garden and all the gigs are reasonably local - take a holiday!

Screams in Swedish

We need a new Hunter picture as a basis! :slight_smile:

We should probably create a new thread for this story continuation thing.


We are not that different, Ian.

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What are you even talking about?
He has a snout, and your nose is made of wood!


That’s kind of noseist, tbh.

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Hey, I didn’t say one was better than the other, just that they’re different. :smile:

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I’m on. A community driven story could be good fun! If @Zesiir is game to provide the pictures and name the thread, @Flick could steer the story if we stray too much, and we offer sections to the story … I feel a Christmas adventure coming up :blush::robot::christmas_tree::santa:

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@IanForce What makes you think I can steer the much put-upon C-462? He does what he wants, and when that’s not an option he does what he can.

Yeah, that’s right, but you know this guy … what makes him tick. And you deserve the credit :slightly_smiling_face: But again, we could just let the story unfold …

I wouldn’t say I know him as such, he’s just a barfly from the mountains. We don’t really socialise with customers, you know how it is.

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Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Everybody gangsta till the tnks start flying


Damn, I wanted the HAT! :wink:


I don’t think they’re using it anymore. Help yourself!


These Apoc class are beginning to learn and morph into something scary!
Sorry for the terrible quality it’s the best picture I got from a video/Game clip

Exiting a barracks and rounding the corner, I walk straight into The Norrmyra Welcoming Committee :tm: .

Damn I’m happy that Machines have returned to Norrmyra :smile:


Another meme because why not


I’m not! That’s my shopping mall - I want to be left in peace to stock up. I have to come in a different way now and it costs me ammunition to restock, er… ammunition.

There’s your immersion and worldbuilding mate. It makes complete sense for the Machines to hold onto military bases :wink: