Humorous incidents

Semla overdose:

Did you know? A skilled footsoldier can outmaneuver FNIX’s hordes in such way to cause them to receive more than 47% casualty rate from own frindly fire.


when you fight 5 different tanks at once, and they all start flying

I always make the hunters damage the harvesters, especially when there are two or more, because they are a real headache.

with the new RPG, it makes short work of harvies. I love the new DLC

And I answered my phone, Do not answer phone during the fight.... Generation Zero - YouTube

Not an incident but we’ve got a good laugh of it so though i share it there:



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They’re stacking now…

Remember how the mountain region used to be? That entire section of the map was practically nothing but military class harvesters lol

Still not like they would before they fixed the “bug” at ANL 118.

Yeah, about that. I don’t know if this is some kind of performance optimization, but last session felt like the robots gave up and left the game. We traveled från Stermyra through Ruskele, ANL 118, Airport, Östervik and it was completely empty. So silent. Not a single robot.

There are some “guaranteed” places still promising a good fight like Bockhyttan, “upper” ANL 144 or Lilla Hammarnäs, but most of the map feels empty.

I miss the huge battles with 50+ robots we’ve got before…


Wish I could have made a video of it…

One day, I was hiding for two fnix-tanks at the safehouse marked in the screenshot, one of them spotted me and tried to follow.
He walked up and down at the coast west of my position and suddenly he got really angry. You know the sound.
He ran towards the shore and jumped… just to land in the middle of the bay and immediatly explode. That was so surprising and so funny.


For me they still do - April 2020 ftw.

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Scrolling through the posts, I stumbled over aesyle mentioning a ‘secret room’ (read: wall without collision detection) - it seems that it should be in the top floor, spa area, of Björntunet Hotel (being the only place with these tiles). Has this been patched in the April 2020 version, or am I looking in the wrong places?

Isn’t this like the blocking out of buildings - trying to reduce CPU strain on obsolete X-Boxes?

Happened to me today :+1::+1:

Come in, the door is open))))


Some truly epic battles going on here


Poor Reaper don’t know what to do… and suddenly: