Humorous incidents

Yesterday I went cleaning up Östervik once more.
Found some walking nuclear waste.
One shot with my pvg at its back, the canister exploded which let a car blew up and the detonation threw it right into a trash container.

That looked cool and was really effective.

For a better, cleaner city of Östervik.


This wolf decided to face plant. That, or it was trying to be an ostrich.


Maybe it originally was part of moscow circus.
It just wants to be an artist, not a soldier :sweat_smile:


artillery!!! lynx ammo

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The tank here must have dropped a screw or a bullet in the grass, and now he’s looking for it.

The first one was probably afraid to attack alone, so he brought two more friends with him, unfortunately I couldn’t fight, the game crashed shortly afterwards.

Tanks can actually climb, this one was annoyed that it didn’t hit me from up there without revealing its hiding


It might be a break dancer too I guess.

I would be running if I saw those rivals approaching

I would take my granatgevär and shoot a double-emp-round at them. Then I’d take my pvg and would fire a complete magazine right through the middel. The penetration should damage all of them.

Then, move, disarm, move, destroy… What a fun.

(and the best: the 2nd and 3rd in the row would damage the ones before them, too, if they return fire)

Bon appetit


Une bombe surprise

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James Bond. But can’t remember wich one, Diamonds are forever?

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That’s right…

A few days ago I at first totally got hyped.
I just thought there was a unique hidden feature of the latest update with a new enemy unit.

I was walking through the farmlands, looking for something to destroy, visited the safehouses again and tried to find some missing control points. Suddenly, far far away, I saw a gigantic something flying over the farmlands. Maybe a dropship or a flying battleship?

I took my pvg and zoomed in… and started laughing out loud. Both were correct, but not as expected.

There it is: the flying battleship, consisting of two wolves. I tried to shoot them and it took some shots to finally hit them.

That caused them to fall back to the ground… they dropped = dropship. :rofl:


The wolves are learning from the flying hunters. Those came back in the latest update.

I think this just happens under special conditions.

In my case it happened at Lilla Dyrbo.
There always (in my game) are three wolves. Two of them seemed to get stuck with each other which resulted in flying wolves.

Btw. After impact they were intact :frowning_face:. I was in hope of a big bang.

When a Spetznas Firebird lands on a church roof - but you HAVE to loot it to get a chance of that 5* Vintovka !! :grin: (No luck this time though…)

(You can actually jump out the side windows and land on the roof, to get a nice churchtop view!)

At least at Alby Church. Are there more where it is possible?

My screencap is from Stenmyra… I think others are possible too. :sunglasses:

Almost every church. There were few where the window was blocked.


the fact you just sailed down and landed perfectly fine is just hilarious