Hunger, Thirst, Sleep, and Wildlife

It would be an awesome option in the settings to have a survival mode with hunger, thirst, and sleep, even temperature regulation. It just feels like its missing this component. Your traversing this island and never have to eat or drink or sleep? I think it would be a really solid option for people to be able to choose to add this as a setting or game mode.

Survival Mode:

Food Ideas - survival ration, wild mushrooms, can of beans, MRE. You could craft MRE at consumable bench with wild mushroom (or jerkey see below), and can of beans.

Drink options - dirty water, cola, fresh water, electrolyte drink. You could craft electrolyte drink with 4 electrolyte and 1 fresh water.

Sleep - have a bed in the safe house, or have a sleeping bag you can place, or both.

Negative Buffs when low on status - Slower stamina regen, worse aim stability, slower movement speed, health decrease, death.

It would really add a level of realism and additional challenge.

Wildlife and Hunting - this is a pipe dream but this would be awesome! Not to the detail of thehunter call of the wild, but basic hunting of local deer, hogs, rabbit, and wolves for meat. The meat could craft Jerkey at the consumable bench.

Temperature Regulation - add schematic for cold weather clothing. During nights and weather events, make temperature drop and have players need cold protection if they want to prevent negative buffs.

Negative Tempurature Buffs - Slower stamina regen, worse aim stability, slower movement speed, health decrease leading to death.

I would pay $20 for this DLC. This game has tons of further potential just waiting to be unleashed!

Great job!

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Oh, no, not again…

I quote myself:


@Rjsut Go play Stalker games ( there are even 2 that are free, Stalker Oblivion Lost and Stalker Anomaly).

For a more hardcore experience buy the Long Dark or DayZ.

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Not sure I’d pay but I guess it would depend on the price. But that said, I love this idea and have thought about it before. I enjoyed FO4 survival so I would enjoy a version in GZ

You compare a rpg with a fps…
If GZ wouldn’t be about destroying thousands of machines where you are almost constantly in battle, I could agree. But that’s not GZ.

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I mean, I was just talking about the survival mode features.
Anyway, IMO GZ doesn’t HAVE to be about constantly or almost constantly being in battle. Sometimes it’s nice to just explore, loot, ride around on a motorcycle aka have some downtime. I like to immersive myself in games like GZ and think about what I’d do if i was actually living it. I’m already going to try this game on the hardest difficulty soon (I may even pretend it’s permadeath) and be more realistic about my movement, strategy etc and ignore the story. I did that in FO4 and loved it. It was more about surviving than fighting.
Therefore an OPTIONAL survival mode for GZ would be most welcome by me. You might say, well try this game or that game, but this one has a lot I enjoy already. It’s set in the 80s and I love 80s fashion/music etc, the graphics and art style, the environment, the atmosphere, it’s cool fighting robots instead of humans or zombies.
But at the end of the day it comes down to what people enjoy and their play styles

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