Hunters are easy!

Well I thought so until I made it to the farmlands :rofl:


Ah, yes. The Military Class are in a league of their own.

Since it’s a video, mind if I move this to #community-content?

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Sure thing! :slight_smile:

Yeah the military hunters are a real pain in the ass. I’m always glad when I encounter only FNIX hunters :sweat_smile:


Well, just wait until you meet FNIX hunters with their Explosive Flechette or even Apocalypse hunters with their Cluster Mortar Launcher and look if hunters are really that “easy”. :wink:


In my opinion FNIX hunters are the easiest. Most of the time if you do simple strafe movements they will miss. Even just walking speed. Also most if the time they do not have a shoulder weapon, and when they do it is the .50 cal one. Which has an easy tell, and it is also easy to dodge. I find the machinegun on the hunters harder to dodge. However the APOC hunters are worse. Mostly the flamethrower now though.


I have gotten better lol, as well as stronger weapons.

This video was a “oh Sh*t” moment when most hunters I fought in the early stage only had a machine gun. Then I was like “oh they get rockets and gas too?!”


how did u get so many first aid kits i have virtually none?

LOL! I do stock runs for ammo, consumables, and supplies in the mornings usually without fighting. I have right now about 150 simple, 80 standard, and 60 advanced (just gave 40 away in multiplayer). Also had about 40 adrenaline on me but down to 20 since I gave 10 and 10 away also.

Plunder will usually have:

150 simple
100 standard
100 adv
50 flares
50 fireworks
50 grenades
50 smoke
10 radios
10 med stations
50 adrenaline

3k of 7.62 and 5.56 (FMJ and AP each)
700 9mm AP rounds
150 of each .50 cal
150 of birdshot
150 slugs

Once I finish my stock runs I do Rival farming then farm again in mornings.

I actually have a sheet next to PS4 of stock list and limits I keep :sweat_smile:

wow i can never find adrenaline or grenades!:slightly_smiling_face:

Normyra for grenades and mines. You used to be able just to walk in, but nowadays you have to snipe the inhabitants first. Otherwise, Readiness Storage facilities on the new island.

In Normyra, fast travel to the forest cabin to the East-South-East and enter by the main gate. Just down the hill there is a path up left. Climb it and there is a wire enclosure, whose gate you can close behind you, keeping your flank clear. From the top there you can see the whole base and snipe until it is clear. Grenades and mines are in the boxes in the green guardrooms, of which there are six in two echelons. Also in the basements of the two accomodation blocks to your left.

where abouts is normyra

You’ll find Norrmyra Artillery Base once you get with your missions into Marshlands region.

For me Hermelinen bunker is the best place to loot grenades and mines. Ones you have cleared this bunker out, there’s no respawn of enemies inside the bunker.
You easily get 12+ of each items pr visit.
Hermelinen is located in the North Coast, SW of Hagaboda.

oh i forgot about the base i thought norrmyra was a village in forest region! :smile: i have been there before

Sorry, I have to necro this one. The topic title sums up the “biggest problem” I have with GZ, and this really came to mind again after a fight I just had, and recorded.
Look at the video, and then tell me what use FNIX has for these mindless bullet sponges they call Hunters…

- Group of 5 FNIX Hunter rivals (lvl. 4), on Guerilla difficulty.

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If only the devs could bring down the health level of all enemies in guerilla difficulty, I would play on that difficulty. I just can’t stand bullet sponges. I salute all of you that play on this level, your patience is remarkable :smiley:

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I agree. To be honest I like Skirmish best. What difficulty I choose depends on what I’m doing. When I’m just roaming around, I use Guerilla. When I want to test the game’s AI or general difficulty, I also use Guerilla. Right now I’m leveling up a character, and then I like to use Skirmish to speed up the process. :+1:

Overall, Skirmish makes for the most enjoyable gameplay. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks completely normal to me. :thinking:

Thing with Rivals is, that at level 4, they have about 3-4 times more HP than their normal counterpart has. Something to keep in mind.

Increasing the machine HP is easiest for the devs to do but for players, that means drawn out combat, aka “bullet sponge”.
More rewarding for players would be “smarter” machines. But for devs, that means a lot more work to code all that.

E.g: if machines would be able to shoot while moving, then that already gives a lot towards making them smarter. And if machines never would stop moving, thus avoiding to be easy pickings for players, then there’s no need to ramp up their HP levels and make them bullet sponges.

Like i’ve said before: “Smart machine with 100 HP is far more formidable opponent than dumb machine with 1000 HP.”.


For me, it seems like the more FNIX and Apoc hunters there are on screen, the more standing around they do. They already tend to stand back, maybe because of their weapon types, but in groups it’s as if only one of them are allowed to think at a time. The military hunters seem to be the most aggressive but being that they go down so fast it goes easily unnoticed.

Better AI by difficulty would be nice, but what would be even better is if different AI was triggered based on the number of enemies. They could try different formations against the player. 3 hunters try flanking to the left, three try to the right, 2 stand back for range and one charges down the middle. Something to give the feeling that the machines act independently at times, but have the ability to tap into that juicy hive mind at other times.

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