"Hunters become the Hunted" Event is now live!


Hi everyone,

The “Hunters Become the Hunted” event is now LIVE! Get out there and destroy any category of “Hunter” machines to progress to the 150k combined total community goal. Your reward? FREE customisation DLC for the entire community!

Reminder: If you can’t get involved in the event you don’t need to worry about missing out, the reward goes to anyone who owns Generation Zero.

FYI: Information about how/when your reward will be credited will be sent out next week. :smiley:

Good Luck to everyone and have fun!

[COMMUNITY EVENT] Hunters Become the Hunted
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I really like the idea of these challenges for rewards. Devs keep up the good work!


Personally, I just want Med-kits and Adrenaline Shot as a Reward not DLC clothing which to me are quite useless as far as reduce/resistance stat is currently on the piece of clothing.


no, I want those 3D glasses.


Fun event. Had time for a short expedition. Got 10 of them. 6 prototypes and 4 FNIX. My nerves need rest. :smile:


@kakarron Honestly those 3D Glasses aren’t that appealing to me. Also these set’s of clothing from this event won’t have any ground breaking effect, cause the effect from the clothing in-game isn’t/aren’t worth it.


They’ll look fly as hell though


Not really. I don’t see point in having specific effect on clothes if they are not at least 50%+ (Excluding Gas Resistance).


@Carniv0re yeah they do.
and @Radiant_Flames, getting usable items wouldn’t be a bad thing but they’d be used up and then we’d have nothing


@kakarron I would rather have something useful than something that is useless.


You certainly got that point across :slight_smile: Clothing items simply aren’t meant to significantly change the way we play. They’re cosmetics.


@Carniv0re I get that they are cosmetics and all, but I would have little to no problem with them if the clothing didn’t have any effect’s at all (ex. Gas Mask), but since they do effect game-play even if it’s very slight difference.


In case anyone like me didn’t understand, “Out there” means in your own game on your own computer without changing anything and without necessarily seeing anyone else.

I wasted a lot of time imagining a Sweden full of players all running around. It was the “Community” bit which led me astray.


I really like this event. made me get over my fear of these Hunters.



someone just posted this on the discord


Daaamn didn’t know we’re so fast


Same for me, but the FNIX ones still makes me a nervous wreck.


Im off to the 3 windmills bag a few more of them hunter’s , :boom::rabbit2:


Seems like a great challenge…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED :smiling_imp: