I don’t think my skills are working

Ps4 pro
I have noticed that when I first buy a skill it works but once I log out and back in again it stops working - below is a list of all skills I have noticed this with.

More health - maxed out but still have 100 health when skill says 60% more health (it’s 20%,40% and 60% isn’t it?)

Simple health kit heals for 20 bought both skills in more healing from health kits and when first purchased it healed for around 40, logged in a day or 2 later and now heals for 20 again - all health kits (simple, standard etc) heal for normal amount even with skill maxed.

Extra ammo from boxes/enemies - bought the first skill and noticed a small difference later that day I bought the maxed out skill and noticed a massive change from 1 - 20 or 30 bullets to 40 - 170(ish) bullets but again once logged out and back in I’m now getting 1 - 30 bullets in each pick up

  • update - I’m getting 1-8 shotgun ammo from boxes and enemies and 1 or 2 50 cal, around 20-80 ag4 rounds and 1-45 9mm handgun but when skill was first purchased I noticed those amounts were easily doubled.

I will test my other skills to see if any other are acting weirdly but these ones are more noticeable then others.

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Perhaps I’m wrong here, someone please correct me if so but…
The HP bar is always showing % isnt it? So even if you increase your HP pool with the %perks It will still always show as 100 % but your actual HP number IS increased.

edit could be tested by letting a grenade go off in your hand with and without the % perks active using the same explosion resistance and just counting the dmg done.

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Yes, it’s %, so 100 is max.


yeah I read the thread linked by kakarron after posting and verified my own experiences =)

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If that’s the case then why do I still go from 100 health to 10 health when I get hit with a mortar from one of those big ass bots? Before I put the 2 points into that skill I went from 100 to 10 with one hit so it hasn’t changed.

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Because someone coded a 90% damage into the game. If it is true what you say, though.

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That makes no sense to do?!
If they hit me for 90% then the extra % from the skills is meaningless lol
But yes I am taking the same damage from enemies before and after the skills were added that’s why I thought the skill wasn’t working and I guess it kind of isn’t.

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Sadly, in GZ (and most likely in most newer games), there is some odd sense to keep the player tense as often or as long as possible.

In GZ, that shows in the damage taken. There is no machine weapon in-game that can kill you from 100% HP. Most what machines can do, is to reduce you down to 5-10% of HP. Also, i’ve seen that when you’re low on HP, hits taken (e.g runner’s SMG), reduces your HP less than when you’d have your HP 100%.

That does give player more tense, to be at 10% or lower health (near death) but that screws up the logic of damage. With the same shots from runner, why i should loose e.g 30% HP when i’m at 100% HP but only 10% HP when i’m at 20% HP?

In other games, e.g racing games, that “feature” is known as rubber banding. No matter how well you drive or how good your vehicle is, you’ll never get any proper lead ahead of AI. Same is when you fall back, catch up feature brings you back to the race.

I don’t like these features. If runner shoots me, i should take the same amount of damage, regardless my health level. And with racing games, i’d like to get 30+ seconds lead or lap the AI. Also, if i fall behind, i’m left behind and i’m fine with that (like in e.g NFS3:HP, NFS4:RC/HS).

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Particularly, why should I still lose 90% from the mortar after my HP got skill-buffed. From the same attack. If @Stew83’s observation is correct.

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I don’t think that taking damage from explosives is a dependable measure.

Sometimes I step in to a crate full of gas canisters (don’t ask why, sometimes I just do it :wink: ) and launch my poor avatar few hundred meters… Sometimes I survive both the launch and landing, sometimes I die at touchdown, and sometimes I die right after explosion.

I think that most reliable measure are the med packs - they always heal the same amount and with health increase perk they heal the same HP but less %.

Yes using heal packs is also a good way of viewing the change in your hp pool, its very noticeable when first getting the +% HP and using the different types of kits but holding/standing on a single grenade, not standing amongst other types of explosives should also give consistent results unless your flung away also taking fall damage.

This mortar actually does a very reliable 90%.