I dont know what I’m doing

My friend convinced me to play this game and when I joined them they gave me loot that I think was experimental but I don’t know. Then they left. That was three months ago and I really want to get into this game but I dont know how to. Can someone please help.

I believe the weapons I got were a shotgun,rpg,lmg, and I think and smg.

What do you mean exactly? All you need to do is to pick a mission in the Log and do it. :sweat_smile:

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Yeah but how do I get back to spawn? Every time a load in I’m by an airport. The only mission I can get to is at the spawn island and I don’t know how to get back there without dying. How do you even get ammo?

Don’t you have another savehouse on your map?
At least the start position in the lower right corner of the map?


I do not unfortunately. How is there another way to kill the robots without guns bc I have no ammo.

Wait I just checked I found a nearby save house I can to too. Thank you :pray:


I am still struggling with getting ammo though? Any ideas?

Where are you right now?

While youre going through the intro missions, you should be able to find plenty of ammo.


I’m at the starter house. I have a melee weapon but how do I use it?

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First, you need to open the menu and select the inventory tab.

You will need to assign the bat in one of your quickslots.

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Umm do hammer’s normally make robots explode?

haha. Yeah… They do in that game

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My ammo problem is solved a random joined my multiplayer game and gave me an excessive amount of 7.62 fmj ammo

You can switch multiplayer to “invite only” if you want.

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Thanks for the help Bowie I really appreciate it.

One last question why is my lmg shooting lightning?

I have no idea. I think that’s an experimental weapon.

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Like you said… You got experimental weapons. They have special abilities.

I suggest you should store them in your plundra and take what you get through the world at first.
Try to use them not before your character is level 21, as this is the level where you get the chance to get experimentals from loot.

You won’t have as much fun with the game if you start with the strongest weapons in the game.