I have 0 Inventory space?

Platform: PC

Description: Whenever I try to access any form of inventory other than my own, or a lootable machine, such as the Plundra or Recycling station, they cannot hold anything and their carry capacity is determined as 0 in weight, though I cannot put anything in, things that were already in there can be taken out.

Steps To Reproduce: I booted the game with majority of the DLC installed other than Alpine Unrest, and was also using mods, notably the No Encumberance mod. It had been a month since last booted and only occured after the latest update in february for soviet machines. The only steps I took were attempting to access the Storage Box under these exact circumstances.

This first occured in a solo session, and I was the host.

My PC is relatively decent and can run this game without issue, 1070GTX TI and an I5-6600 cpu as well as 16GB of RAM.

Is there an answer to this issue?

This might help:

The game has no mod support. A lot of the time when the game updates the mods may stop working (especially true of something the mod was directly working with is changed).

From the thread I linked I believe you have to uninstall the mod, clear all save data (possibly manually), and reinstall the game.

Thats about all that can happen since the bug is user created through 3rd party non-encouraged means.


Just to be sure.
With the update it shouldn’t be possible to drop something in an empty loot box anymore.
Maybe the update adressed the plundra accidently, too?

Can someone confirm that it is still possible to drop something in an empty plundra? (regards especially new players/new clean savegames)

Like @xX_Michael_Xx said, the game does not officially support modifications.
Uninstall your mods and start a fresh save, they are causing issues with the game.

Since the EULA prohibits modifying the game’s files, using mods voids you of
any support
, so keep that in mind in the future.

Closing the report.